Shopping For Power Tools

If you’re not a regular D.I.Yer then you might find it hard to walk confidently into a shop and pick up a bundle of tools that you might need. The descriptions for one are extremely confusing and each tool says a different thing; there are also so many of the same tools available that a simple trip to a hardware store becomes a complete mind boggling experience. It’s important that you understand the jargon and you know exactly what you want before you go in there, so take a little time to read this article and you’ll be fine.

When it comes to power there’s one decision you have to make, corded or cordless. Corded power tools that plug into the mains are considered the ‘old fashioned’ style nowadays as they rely on an external power source in order for them to work. The power in these tools is measured in Amps and the higher the amperage, the more powerful the tool.

Cordless power tools are a much more modern idea and are also a lot more convenient – because you’re not restricted by a cord. The power in these tools – unlike corded power tools – is measured in volts.

Cordless power tools started off with a 9.6 volt battery which didn’t produce a lot of torque or a long life, however, as technology has progressed batteries as high as 36 volts are now available – although 12 and 14.4 volt batteries are definitely the most popular with home use power tools.

As well as considering the power that you’ll need, you’ll also have to think about any features that your tools must have. A lot of the features have been developed for people who work with power tools every day but they could still be useful to the home, for example, the quick change functions that are now available on a lot of tools makes it much easier and quicker to change a blade or a bit on any tool. There are also laser guides on a lot of cordless tools now so that you can be sure that you’re cutting in a straight line.

Finally you need to consider the brands that you have available to you; there are a huge number of companies out there who make great quality power tools but there’s no point shelling out for professional tools if you’ll only be using them every now and again around the home. As long as you choose tools that are tough, durable and reasonably priced, you won’t go far wrong.

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