Should Single Seniors Still Date?

You’re Senior. You’re Single. So why shouldn’t you date?

Just because you’re in the so-called prime of your life doesn’t mean you can’t take a shot – or a second chance – at finding romance. The recent proliferation of online dating sites dedicated to senior citizens is proof of this. For seniors, dating seems daunting, but it does bring a lot of benefits that could extend longevity and lifelong happiness.

Dating is something that could inject a lot more excitement and fun into an otherwise dull life limited by so many physical ailments and disabilities. Preparing for a date is always exciting, and the thought of discovering new things about another person, thinking of fun ways to do on dates could bring in much needed vigor and raise a person’s spirit.

Why Bother to Date?
Going out on dates makes a person feel more attractive and desirable, whether that person is young or old. Thus, dating can help in raising self-esteem and increase levels of the feel-good hormones that make a person look at the world in a brighter and more enthusiastic way. When one feels good about oneself, thoughts of illnesses are placed in the back burner and focus only on a renewed zest for life.

Dating also provides important social interaction that is known to lower the risk or delay the onset of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Having a wide variety of intellectual activities and social relations keeps the brain active and stimulated protecting it from the devastating symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

For seniors, dating also provides opportunities for physical activities to keep the body energetic and prevent them from feeling lethargic and worsen the physical symptoms of ageing. Whether it’s just walking around in a park or along the beach while on a date or going biking together, seniors can get all the cardiovascular exercise that doctors recommend for people of this age.

Someone to Hold
When dating leads to finding a partner, it gives a person some sense of security in the coming years of old age, of having someone to spend those years with, and of having someone to make a person still feel cherished and loved.

Then of course, one of the most important things about dating is having that continuing hope that even in the twilight years there is still a chance that someone out there is also looking and waiting to love and spend the few final years of life together.

Seniors really shouldn’t feel like it’s time to give up on dating. Even when at first it seems intimidating, the advent of technology and of online dating sites has made it a lot easier and less stressful. All you have to do is get out there and be seen, pretty much like every other boy or girl looking for that special someone.

This article was written by Artchee Mendoza exclusively for this site. Artchee also writes for, a Jacksonville home nursing care.

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