Should You Dress Your Windows With Curtains or Blinds?

Your choice of window dressing often comes down to personal preference, but there are other things you need to consider. Curtains and blinds have their own unique sets of advantages and disadvantages, and it’s easy to overlook these and simply plump for the window dressing you usually choose.

Should You Dress Your Windows With Curtains or Blinds?

Here are a few suggestions for the best type of window covering for certain rooms of the home.

Living rooms

You can be much more flexible in your living room, and you might even decide to go for a combination of blinds and curtains.

This gives an attractive appearance and is a great way to keep your room cozy during the winter. Combined with Leicester double glazing from a reputable supplier such as, this can drastically cut down on your energy bills and save you serious money. Roman blinds can look great in a living room and don’t take up too much space. If your room doesn’t get much natural light, you might want to avoid blinds, however, and stick with curtains that can be fully opened during the day.

Should You Dress Your Windows With Curtains or Blinds?


Curtains are a popular choice for bedrooms because they add more warmth and coziness than blinds. You can opt for blackout curtains if you are a light sleeper and enjoy sleeping in a completely dark room. Ideal Home has some great tips for choosing the right curtains for your room, including using accessories to add glamour and interest.


Unless you have a huge kitchen with several windows, it is generally best to stick to blinds in your kitchen. While the exact style will depend on your window size and location, Venetian blinds or other wipe-clean options are usually a good choice. A wipe-clean surface means dust, grease, and condensation can easily be wiped away, extending the life of your blinds and keeping your kitchen hygienic. Cooking smells tend to cling to fabric, which means you might find fabric curtains or blinds starting to smell before too long.

Venetian blinds are also very flexible and allow you to leave them completely open or closed, part way up to block out the dazzling sun, or slanted open to let in the required amount of light. They are also available in hundreds of colors and finishes, so they suit every home.