Should You Paint Or Wallpaper Your Living Room?

Do you want to give your living room a new look, but can’t decide whether to go with wallpaper or paint? Both can breathe new life into your room, depending on how they’re used. Below, we’ve listed the pros and cons of both wallpaper and paint to help you make a more informed choice.
Painting living room
Paint Pros and Cons
Paint is by far the most common wall treatment, and has been popular for years because it’s an easy and cheap way to make over your living room. Paint can either call attention to or disguise a room’s features, while wallpaper exaggerates flaws in the wall structure. Prep time for paint is far less, and it’s more versatile.

It’s also much easier to cover up a bad paint job. You can paint over your wallpaper, but the joints will show through—and it’s very hard to remove wallpaper that’s been painted over. There are two main kinds of paint: water- and oil-based. Water-based paints dry more quickly and they’re washable; oil-based paints have a longer drying time but they are more durable. Both types of paint are available in a variety of finishes.

However, there are a few disadvantages to using paint for your living room. Especially with oil-based paint, drying time can be long; if you’re not careful your paint can run or curtain. Also, higher-oil paint can be less heat resistant.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Wallpaper
It may be more difficult to wallpaper your living room than to paint it, but the work will be much more durable. Most modern wallpapers last 10-15 years, where your room may need to be repainted every two years or so. Over the time you own your home, you can save 30% or more by choosing wallpaper instead of paint.

Wallpaper can offer unrivaled beauty for your room. It adds character and warmth, and can change the whole feel of your room. You can create a variety of effects with wallpaper; you can choose from papers that are textured, patterned, natural, or even those which resemble leather or wood. Try getting those effects with paint!

The wallpapers of today are easier to remove than those from years gone by. It comes off the wall in long strips, but taking the time to apply it carefully will also make the removal process simpler.

There are some drawbacks to wallpaper for you to be aware of. If you live in a humid climate, the glue can loosen, causing your wallpaper to peel; it can also be soiled and torn easily. If you go a long time between wallpaperings, it can be difficult or even impossible to match the pattern and/or color. Also, replacing wallpaper can be very costly compared to adding a fresh coat of paint.

When giving your living room a new look, you should start with the walls. Your choice in paint or wallpaper can either liven up your room or make it look dark and dreary. By carefully choosing your wall treatments, you can remake your living room and have the job last for years to come.

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