Should you pick your office furniture?

In any home or office, certain pieces of furniture take centre stage. In a kitchen, it might be a dresser, in a bedroom the bed, in a dining room table. It differs from home to home and business to business but in all scenarios, certain pieces reveal the key values of their owners.

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A difference between homes and businesses is the importance of reception areas. For businesses, an inviting reception can make the difference between customers walking in or walking by. Visitors find it more reassuring to approach a reception desk than to enter an open plan area where it isn’t clear who, if anyone, is approachable.

You never get a second chance to create the first impression, but other pieces are also key to the way you work and the way you relax. It makes sense to focus your investment on these most important pieces. They don’t merely express an identity but forge the way people interact with them for years to come.  This is why you should seriously consider getting Reception Chairs from sites such as Reception chairs from Best Buy Office Chairs who have a variety of options
Choosing materials

Today the range of potential materials is almost as broad as your imagination. Lightweight tiles and panels with ceramic, metallic, stone and exotic wood grain finishes, or backlit translucent polymers, can be integrated into modern furnishings to create almost any effect. Whether you use engineered or original timbers, express your green credentials by looking for the seal of the Forest Stewardship Council.

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Affordable luxury

Bespoke furniture is also an opportunity to emulate striking furnishings you may have seen elsewhere, but at a lower cost, using alternative techniques and new materials.

If your premises are nondescript, your front desk can impart gravitas. If it’s old fashioned, you can build on that aura of established pedigree or revive it using modern materials and bright colours, depending on the ethos you wish to project.
Fit for purpose

Another advantage of commissioned furniture is that it will perfectly fit into the available space and do everything you ask of it without waste. Although some people assume a commissioned piece will cost more, this is often not the case. Off the shelf furnishings give you no control over the budget or construction features and so by controlling the design, materials and installation, you acquire more say in the final price.

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