Should You Send Your Children To Private School Or State School?

Education is a big topic for every parent and there are constant worries and decisions to be made. You obviously want your children to thrive at school, but you also want them to be happy and well developed.

The choice between private schooling and state schools is not an easy one to make; there are certainly financial constraints, but there are private schools with relatively low fees and for many parents it may be worth the cost.

So what are the advantages and disadvantages of a private education vs a state education?

Teaching Quality
There are some very high ranking state schools in the country, and the teaching quality at those institutions is top notch. But it is no secret that some state schools are simply not up to scratch. If your local state schools are below par then a private school might be a better option.

Private schools can be more selective with their teachers, they also have less pupils to a class and can often provide more attention, particularly to those students who need it. Of course this also means that the students who don’t need it are not held back by those who do.

Teaching quality isn’t universally better though. Just because you are paying for tuition, it doesn’t mean it is any better than a good state school. So remember to thoroughly check out any school that you are considering for your child.

Better Learning Resources
State schools have budgets to stick to, and often those budgets are surprisingly tight. Private schools certainly don’t have unlimited funds, but they do have a lot more cash available and as a result, the facilities at a private school might be much more up to date than at a state school.

If your child is particularly adept with technology or music for instance, you will probably want to ensure that your chosen school has a well-equipped department to nurture those talents.

But There Is A Cost
Even a relatively cheap private school will cost a few thousand per year and if you intend to send your child to private school for their entire education that cost can add up to tens of thousands or more.

Certainly a good education is a wise investment, and your children may benefit from that cost, but if you are going to spend such a large amount on them, what else could you do with the money? If you invested the same amount of money each year, by the time they came to leave home you might even be able to buy them a house.

Social Skills
But what about things other than education? Many people would argue that private schooling is too far divorced from the real world and that private schooled children miss out on something.

You might think that the something they miss is something better missed anyway, but it has often been said that privately educated children have less social skills and in particular struggle to interact with non-private schooled children.

Of course the flip side to that argument is that good private schools do often teach social skills such as etiquette. Many would argue that such things are out-dated, but rightly or wrongly having these skills can be vital to career development if you hope for your children to have a high flying career.

This guest post was written by Ricky from UkTutors (find out more here); Ricky is a parent and a big beliver in education and private tutoring as a way to help every student get more out of their time at school.

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