Simon Cowell Praises the Commitment of ‘X Factor’ Host In Khloe Kardashian

‘Khloe Kardashian did an actual justice to her role as a host of ‘X factor’. I admire the commitment in her, which makes her a truly different host in comparison to all other hosts of American television’, quotes Simon Cowell, the 53-year-old judge of a reality TV show. The 28 year old is fulfilling her duty well, Mr. Cowell expresses with gratitude. He continues that a factor that reality shows often miss out is allowance of hosts to express their views and their opinion. This is not only a justification, but may also spice up the show. “I like the bold attitude that Kardashian displays and her fun nature to be with the contestants through their agreements and protests.”

Simon prefers the outspoken attitude and fun elements in Kardashian, along with her co-host Mario Lopez. Simon expresses that certain facts go wrong on live television, which he could conclude on behalf of his long experience. However, Khloe has the guts to protest on anything that she feels going on wrong with contestants and her love towards being with the contestants clearly shows off.
Simon says, “I do not know her well, but she is definitely doing a good job. When an anchor is called the host, then It is her duty to be the voice of the contestants, which many U.S.A hosts often miss out, but Kardashian is very confident on this part and believes in being with whom she is representing. Anyone, who doubted on her capability to perform as a host might have got the answer very well, after observing her over live television.”

Live television is sensuous because of the hot atmosphere that surrounds it. Viewers like to see contestants under pressure and remain eager to note their actions, as it is all about a human show and definitely not that of robots, quotes Simon.

Simon also ended up praising Mario Lopez, who has the same boldness and confidence and believes in being with what he is representing. The show’s live telecast got high TRP’s and the channel is expecting a high outcome of its telecast. Prestigious judges like Simon Cowell and Britney spears, star hosts and a cooperative audience spiced up the show to great extents.

Simon also expresses that his co-judge Britney Spears has been an actual good judge. It is necessary for the judge to be involved in what is happening, else remarking contestants is not easy. Simon continues, “Britney has been a very good judge and very involved in matters. She has been busy and has taken up the job close to her heart”. Simon said that she was quite nervous on the first day, as the telecast would be live and he completely abides by the fact, that contestants and judges remain equally nervous. Simon says, “The first day was simply great with cooperation from all, and I hope that the show stays spicy and unpredictable as long as it continues, offering complete pleasure and entertainment to the audience”,

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