Simple Procedures For Termite Identification

Out of all the common pests, termites are one of the most significant threats for homeowners in dry areas. Forming hierarchical social groups in colonies with hundreds of thousands of members, it is the subterranean and the dry wood termites which cause problems for homeowners.

If proper precautions are not taken to defend the home against termite infestation, the important foundations, supporting beams and walls of your home can be compromised. This makes it highly important to ensure that your home is protected and continually checked for the signs of infestation. There are simple methods to see if there are termites present in your home, and considerations to understand your property’s vulnerability.

The control and treatment of termites should always be done by professional pest control companies.

Inspecting For Termite Infestation

Subterranean termites can be easy to spot, as while they tend to be secretive, the workers create mud tubes to enter and exit the interior wood of the home – these are easily visible if you look hard enough. These tubes can usually be found at walls on the soil line, near pipes and ducts, and coming through cracks in paving and concrete slabs. The stem walls are crucial to check. Dry wood termites are harder to spot, though they will often leave behind characteristic fecal pellets. Termites attack wood, and this means you can check for infestation by checking the quality and integrity of all internal and external wood by visual inspection and tapping the wood with a screwdriver.

Make sure you know where all the possible entry points to your home are, and be thorough with all the wooden siding, roofing, frames, eaves and rafters. Dry wood termites are quite adventurous, and it is common to find infestations in roof eaves. Inside the home, you should check all sills, frames, furniture, paneling and beams.

Checking should be performed at least twice a year, and a pest management professional should be hired for inspection once a year.

Is Your Home at Risk?

In Arizona, termites are so prevalent that every new build must have the land treated with pest control chemicals before the foundations are laid. If this applies, you should be aware of when this treatment took place for your home. These chemicals degrade over time and your home might not be suitably protected. Pest control companies in Arizona should be contacted for advice if your land has not been treated in over 5 years.

Chemicals Used

The chemicals used to control subterranean termites create a ground-barrier that prevents termites from burrowing towards property. This barrier works best when it is not disturbed or compromised in any way. This means that if you have performed landscaping to the area surrounding your property, you may have ‘broken’ this barrier, leaving your home open to attack. If this applies to you, you must get in contact with a pest control company to assess the situation.

Control services offer many different treatments and preventatives for termites, including chemical barriers, physical shields and supplemental treatments.

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