Six classic driving songs for HGV drivers

HGV drivers are often called the Kings and Queens of the road, and it is definitely a growth industry offering decent wages and the kind of freedom those tied to office cubicles can only dream of. HGV drivers working longer haul routes know all about that, although miles of the endless motorway isn’t always particularly interesting. That could be why so many rely on music as a reliable source of entertainment during those long hours on the road.

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Of course, it’s pretty difficult to have great tunes playing and not be tempted to sing-a-long, and that’s no bad thing! Singing is guaranteed to make you feel happier, and with so many catchy songs to choose from, and no audience to scoff at your efforts, it’s a great way to pass the time in a positive and energy giving way.

It’s fair to say that whatever their taste in music there are particular songs that appeal to HGV drivers across the board, and here we look at six of the most popular.

1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

This timeless classic is not the top karaoke song around for nothing. While it’s probably wise to pass on the head-banging element, who says you can’t manage all the other parts yourself?

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2. Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rea

This is a great song to sing when the weather is miserable but the joys of the festive season are just around the corner. Don’t save it just for that final shift before the holidays, it’s just too good.

3. Highway to Hell – AC/DC

Perfect for those days when roadworks and inconsiderate drivers get in your way –

4. King of the Road – Roger Miller (also covered by The Proclaimers)

The most fitting of songs for an HGV driver, this has very catchy lyrics that you only need to hear once to remember for ages. Belt it out – an American accent is optional.

5. Born to be Wild – Steppenwolf

This is a true classic that begs to be sung when the sun’s shining and the road is clear. Remember though that even wild ones need good HGV insurance. Sort yours with a reliable provider such as

6. Convoy – C. W. McCall

Released back in 1975, the catchy chorus is a natural choice when the road ahead is nose to tail with lorries.

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