Six Reasons Why Working From Home Is A Great Idea

For many, working from home is a dream scenario –as long as the pay is right, of course.

If the pay does meet your minimal requirements and the job itself is an enjoyable, then the benefits of working from home are quite extensive.

Here is merely a sample of some of the major plusses you’ll get from having an ‘office from home’.

You’re your own boss
Provided that you freelance and aren’t associated as such to any organisation, working from home means that you are your own boss – and that can only be a good thing, right? Nobody instructing you on what you can and can’t do, you make your own decisions and call the shots. What’s not to like about that?

Get out of bed whenever you want
While you won’t get anywhere by wasting the day in bed, you can certainly reward yourself with an extra lie-in when working from home. The majority of regular office jobs may require you to awake at 6 or 7am in the morning but having your very own office at home will give you the luxury of an extra bit of snooze time.

Work at your own pace
Sure, you may have clients to deal with that will be looking for projects to be finished by a pre-defined date, but being your own boss puts you in the position of setting your own deadlines and timeframes. You can work at your own pace, get things done the way you want to do them and outline your structure of working habits to a client.

Take as many breaks as you like
In a structured working environment, there will usually be designated times for either a lunch or breaks. Working from home allows you the freedom to take your lunch break whenever you wish and for as long as you wish. Two hour lunch break? Go for it!

Surround yourself with distractions
So long as you feel like it’s not breaking your productivity levels, having your own workspace gives you an opportunity to have your mobile phone at your side without being on silent, a television or radio switched on with the ability to make your own entertainment as you work.

It’s as comfortable as you want it to be
Carrying out your job from the comfort of your home can literally mean just that. Feel like kicking back on the sofa as you carry out your tasks? Go ahead, why not? How about staying tucked up in bed as you open and reply to emails? Completely up to you! As long as you have a portable device, the possibilities are endless!

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