Six Surefire Ways to Bump Up Business

Whether you are a small business or corporation, increasing numbers each week is everyone’s bottom line. If you aren’t getting those numbers up, then you are on your way down. So what can you do to get the biggest bang for your buck these days when there is so much competition? Here are six sure fire ways to get your business back on track and increase cash flow without breaking the bank:

  1. Organize. Take a week and just set up that long needed system of organization. You will find that in the long run, a week of missed work will get you ahead of the game in the end.

  2. Advertise. There is no exception to this rule. To be successful and to get your name out there, you must advertise. Whether you advertise via signage or even using promotional products such as custom logo pens or magnets, there is an up side to spending money on advertisment.

  3. Set goals. Sounds simple and elementary, but it’s really not. To take the time and actually write down your goals and business plan gives you something to refer to and a physical “to-do” list. Putting it all on paper gets it out of your head and makes it more of a realistic goal than just a thought.

  4. Vacate. You’ve heard “happy wife, happy life”, well the same applies to business owners. You are not working 70 hours a week for the fun of it! Live out your dreams and take regular vacations! No if’s, and’s or but’s!

  5. Always improve. No matter how successful you are or you get, if you stop learning, you stop growing. Be open minded to new ideas and ways to sell and run your business. Never think that you have reached your potential, or you really will.

  6. Keep score. Motivation is key to being successful and always taking your business to the next level. Stay motivated and keep your staff motivated by raising the bar regularly and offering incentives. This keeps everyone on their toes and wanting to do better. 

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