Six Ways To Have A Successful Garage Sale Before A Big Move

When having to make a big move to another place is always stressful and time consuming. What helps when getting prepared to move is deciding what you want to keep and what you do not want to keep. Most people either throw things away or give the things away to lesson the load of moving. The best thing to do with the things you do not want to take with you is sell them in a garage sell. Not only will it give you less of a load to move, it will also put a few extra dollars in your pocket. There are many ways to have a successful and stress free garage sale before your big move.

First you want to go through your belongings and sort out the things you want to put in the garage sale.

Second thing you need to do is make sure all the items that are going to be sold are clean and presentable. Nothing sells if it is nasty, dirty or smelling bad. If the item is not washable or able to be cleaned, throw it away.

Third thing you will need to do is price your items that will be for sale. This will help the most on the day of the garage sale. This will help eliminate confusion and stress of prices.

Fourth thing would be to advertise your garage sale in the local newspapers. You will want to start the ad at least two weeks before the sale. You can make flyers and put them around town and surrounding areas.

The fifth thing is make sure you have tables and racks to put your items on. It is best when people can look at the things and go through things if they are displayed in a neat fashion. There is nothing fun about going to a yard sale and seeing boxes of dirty, unorganized junk in boxes expecting people to fish through it. If on the last day you have several items left, mark the prices down.

The sixth way to a successful sale is if you have children allow them to sell cookies and lemonade. This will also tech them ways to make their own money and also feel apart of the event.

The day before the garage sale, make sure you will have money to make change with. You will need plenty of one and five dollar bills, but make sure you have enough quarters and other coins. You will also want to keep this money in a money bag or box that is easy to keep close to you and watch at all times. Do not leave it laying around. The main thing to remember also is the location of where you will have the sale. You want people to be able to find and get to the sale easily.

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