Skateboard Safety 101

Skateboarding has become a popular sport and also has proven to be one of the most dangerous. Recent studies have shown that there are approximately 50,000 visits to emergency rooms around the country and approximately 1500 people are hospitalized due to skateboarding injuries. Many of these injuries are head injuries which can be the worst kind. Head injuries can lead to loss of motor skills, speech and even sight. However, there are some very basic ways that you can keep yourself or loved ones from becoming a part of these statistics.


Use a Good Skateboard


If you are going to be riding a skateboard, it is best to get a quality one. A skateboard should not be considered a toy. Skateboards can vary in type and cost. There are boards like These skateboards, that are made for particular activities such as speed skating and freestyle skating. There are also boards that are rated based on the weight of the rider. All of these things should be considered when purchasing a skateboard.


Take care of your Skateboard


Just like any other piece of sports equipment, you need to make sure that your board remains in good working order. Inspect all three parts of the board; the deck, the trucks and the wheels. The deck is the body of the board, the trucks are the part of the board that connects the wheels to the deck and the wheels are what the skateboard actually rolls on. You want to look for any defects, cracks or other damage to any of the skateboard components to ensure that it is safe for your next ride. If you notice any damage, have the defective parts repaired or replaced before getting on the skateboard again.


Learn Basic Skateboarding Skills


This point should go without saying, however this is advice that is not always heeded. If you are a novice skater, you should not be trying to do tricks. You need to master the basics such as traveling in a straight line and how to stop your board effectively. Falling while skateboarding is inevitable, so you also need to know how to fall. It is a natural instinct to put your arms out so break a fall. However, you should try to land on the fleshy parts of the body. Roll instead of trying to stop the fall. The more relaxed you are when you fall, the less chance you have of sustaining a tragic injury.


These are just a few few of the basics of skateboarding. Make sure that you do your research or maybe even take a few classes before going head on into skateboarding. Also make sure that you are skating in safe areas such as a skate park. Make sure that you are also using the proper safety equipment.

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