Skills Your Children Can Master Through Toys

Toys are very entertaining and can (thankfully) keep your child occupied for a few minutes, but did you know that your toy is training your child new skills? Toys can teach your child new skills and enhance existing ones, and that’s why it’s so important to carefully consider which toys to buy for your child.

Each toy should help your child grow and experience new things so that they can be a well developed adult later on in life. Here’s a list of the skills that your child is developing as he/she play.

Gross Motor Skills

Besides developing fine motor skills you also need to pay attention to the larger muscles in your child’s body. When you develop your gross motor skills, you enhance the ability to use large muscles for movements such as kicking a ball, jumping, swinging your arms, swimming, climbing and more.

Fine Motor Functions

Developing fine motor functions in your child, at an early age, is crucial. Fine motor skills are all the small muscles in your body, which help with different abilities such as grasping small objects, buttoning a shirt, writing and more.

Language Skills

How you pronounce and articulate different words is essential to having a good grasp on a language. Repetition, practice and learning new words are an integral part of learning a new language.


Creativity in a child’s life is very important. With creativity, we are able to use old information and look at it in a new way. You have to think creatively to solve puzzles and problems later in life. Everyone has an ounce of creativity in them; you just need to nurture it as your child grows.

Auditory Skills

Any toys that can jingle, moo, quack, honk or beep are excellent auditory toys for your child. We especially enjoy the interactive toys with sound associations. This way your child can practice his or her auditory skills while being able to identify different sounds.

Social Skills

Buying toys which your child can share with his friends, when they come over to play, is a great way of teaching kids how to share.  Be there for the first few play dates to teach him about sharing. This will develop strong social and sharing skills.

Tactile Stimulation

Buying toys with different textures will help your children with their touch sensation. Rough, soft, smooth and other textured toys are great to use for tactile stimulation.


Puzzles, blocks and other “logic toys” are great ways of helping your child with problem solving skills as well as developing logical thinking.


Visual stimulation is important to help with attention span, nervous system development as well as strengthening the eye muscles.

Bruce enjoys nothing more than helping parents with advice on educational toys to help promote their children’s skills and abilities from a young age.

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