Skinny Jeans: Still On A Roll

Jeans are a staple of nearly everyone’s wardrobe, and skinny jeans have been a popular fashion item for the last decade or more. It was thought that skinnies would be replaced with a different trouser, but whatever other fashion items come and go, skinny jeans stay on trend. These jeans can be seen everywhere on the high street, with skinnies being worn by all social classes and sizes. Why are skinny jeans so popular?

Skinny Jeans: Still On A Roll


One of the great things about skinny jeans is their versatility. They can be worn at any event, whether casual or formal. A pair of smart, black skinny jeans will be as much at home in a restaurant as a country pub.

Another pull of the skinnies is that although at first appearance they look to only be wearable by thin people, this is just not true. People of all sizes wear skinny jeans. The right pair of skinnies can suit any shape as they can be bought to stretch, and with the correctly placed pockets, they can flatter any bottom.

Men and Women

Both men and women wear skinny jeans, from pop stars to TV presenters and politicians to sportspeople. It is not only the trend-conscious that are wearing skinnies but the everyday person. Skinny jeans are now so common that they can be found in any clothes shop, from designer brands to supermarkets.

For those looking for womens skinny designer jeans that offer a specific cut, there are many stores offering a varied choice, such as those available at There are so many styles to choose from nowadays that it is easy to discover a favourite pair, whatever your cut preference or budget.

Health Warning:

One issue that has made people take notice of the skinny jeans phenomenon is the recent health warning concerning the tightness of the denim. It seems that skinny jeans can cause damage to nerve endings by constricting blood flow. However, this is normally only a danger if people spend a long time in one position, such as squatting.

Despite the potential for muscle constriction, many people still love skinny jeans and the trend shows no signs of dying. Thankfully, for those who don’t like skinnies and are looking for alternative styles, there are still plenty to choose from, including bootcut, boyfriend fit, wide leg and flares.

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