Smart Phone Apps Assist With Scarf Style

One of the latest fashion trends, and quickest ways to freshen up any outfit, is the use of scarves. This is not your Nana’s knitted scarf wrapped around in true mummy style, but a carefully chosen complement to an outfit artfully knotted to maximize the style quotient. Seen on runways as high end as Gucci and stars as famous as Jessica Alba, Christina Milian, and Cameron Diaz, there is no doubting that scarves are de rigueur for high style. Shopping for, wearing them well, and caring for scarves all requires a little know how that is easily found thanks to the numerous helpful applications available for smart phones, a fashionista’s greatest tool.

iOS Smart Phone Apps
*Scarf Fashion Designer- an iPhone and iPad app showcases 50 unique knots for neck scarves. It does not stop with those step by step guides, but also includes knots for head scarves, scarf belts, and more. This helps those daily scarf lovers to keep the fashion fresh with new knots and ways to wear every day. At $2.99 is far cheaper than a personal stylist.

*Scarf Knots-this guide not only offers knotting lessons but adds in important tips in storing and caring for scarves. Purchase price is only $0.99.

*Sassy Scarflette- for the crafty style mavens who wishes to truly customize this trend by making her own, this app is a knitting guide for making a petite version of a knitted scarf. The term scarflette is right on in terms of the precious small sized scarf that is definitely a fashion do. This app is $5.99, but talented crafters can use the pattern repeatedly to make several unique versions for personal wear or create stylish holiday gifts.

Android Apps
*How to Tie a Scarf- features 7 knot options, but adds more with style tips. This free app shows how to add the French fashion factor to any outfit, and even offers year round scarf wearing suggestions.

*Tie a Scarf and Shawl- available in a lite version, which is free, or an enhanced version (called pro) that offers more information for $1.49. The lite version offers 18 ways of tying and wearing scarves, with pro almost doubling that with 34 custom options.

*Scarf- the brief name says it all. Not only does this feature knot tying guides, but tips on how to wear longer scarves and what is the best way to wear a scarf for warmth. For northern trend setters the scarf is not merely an accessory, but a much needed piece of winter wear. The free app is noted for its pictures and easy to use format.

This proves that there is an app for everything, and this extends to the world of fashion. Check out these helpful apps to assist in rocking this trend in the most stylish way possible. Aside from these smart phone apps, the social media giant Facebook has added its own apps. One app that they offer is Stucck, which lets Facebook friends help when one is stuck on making a retail choice. When out stocking up on stylish scarves, tap into this app to get helpful guidance from trusted Facebook friends.

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