Smencils: Improving Child Performance

Aromatherapy has taken a new turn in the education of children. With the scientific research demonstrating aromatherapy provides a variety of outcomes in terms of physical and emotional well being, parents and educators are turning to aromatherapy in an effort to improve the outcome of the educational processes. Using the new Smencils aromatherapy pencils, children across the United States may be on their way to improving grades and behavior in the classroom setting.

Smencils Improving Child Performance

Smencils, distributed by The Smencils Company in San Diego, California, has created an environmentally friendly aromatherapy pencil which will entice the senses of a child. Without the use of wood, the Smencils are created simply by the fine rolling of very thin recycled newspaper sheets. The following is a overview of the scents currently offered and the compatible research supporting the beneficial impact these scents may have on the academic and behavioral performance of children.


In terms of aromatherapy, cinnamon has been shown to reduce stress, irritability and may reduce drowsiness (source). For children, in a classroom setting, the use of cinnamon aromatherapy products, such as Smencils, may work to reduce stress before, during and after testing or when faced with a classroom oral presentation. In the home, cinnamon may help to stimulate a sleepy child in the morning. When using Smencils, consider giving a child cinnamon scents for use during high stress periods or after a late night awake.


Believed to improve a level of awareness and clarity, orange scents have been used in a variety of business and household products, especially in household cleaners. In a classroom setting, for children who appear bored with curriculm material, the scent of orange may be just want the classroom teacher will need to boost the awareness and interest of the children. In the home setting, parents can use orange scented aromatherapy to boost the awareness of children, especially during periods of homework. Contrary to cinnamon, orange can also work to improve sleep and cases of insomnia. As a result, classroom teachers should pay particular attention to the use of Smencils in the classroom and only supply orange scent to children who seem overactive and unfocused. The use of Smencils, in the application of orange scented aromatherapy, may be the perfect addition to classroom supplies and home use.


Considered one of the most popular aromatherapy scents, peppermint has made a name for itself in both the home, educational and even medical settings. Similar to orange and cinnamon aromatherapy, peppermint works to create emotional balance. Believed to improve energy, facilitate communication and improve concentration and memory, peppermint can be used in both the classroom setting as well as in the home setting while children memorize important educational material or prepare for state standardized testing. In addition to cognitive improvement, peppermine aromatherapy is believed to also naturally improve the digestion process in children and improve physical endurance. As a result, the Smencil aromatherapy pencils may provide for improved performance in physical education activities and improved performance in the hours following lunch when most children become sleepy and unable to focus.

No matter what the aromatherapy scent, there is sure to be one which will provide a natural improvement in the performance of a child in both the academic and home settings. When considering an aromatherapy option, using Smencils in both the classroom and at home, may work to improve the overall performance of children both at home and at school.

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