SMS Strategies To Churn Your Business To New Heights

In case if you have not integrated SMS strategy as part of your marketing campaign it is high time you start doing it now. Bulk SMS reseller business is creating new horizons and you need to benefit from the same. It is not only the cost effectiveness of reseller SMS gateway there are other benefits of an SMS campaign as well.

Delivery in a span of seconds

SMS is lightning fast as it puts the messages in the purses of the receiver with a time span of seconds. The average time span for sending messages is less than 7 seconds to reach the receiver. Though other marketing strategies are also fast, nothing stands in comparison to a bulk SMS.

Open rate higher

In comparison to email, marketing SMS has a staggering open rate. Each and every SMS you send is received, but when it is an email the chances are that it may make way to the spam folder. The moment a subscriber feels a buzz in their pocket they always turn to their mobile phones. In such cases, SMS are automatically opened but in the case of email, it is not the case. The choice is on the subscribers whether to open your email or not.


In comparison to email, SMS does not have to fight against any filters. It is more of a direct communication medium between a company and a customer. There does not seem to be any barriers at the same time.

Short messages

This might seem to be a major challenge for some business; a 160 character message does work out to be a boon for a marketer. It allows the customer to focus on what is needed rather than beating about the bush. In a concise and crisp way, the information reaches to the clients.

Higher conversion rate

With SMS there is a higher conversion rate particularly in terms of call to action. Whatever your SMS says there is more action taken in comparison to other forms of marketing.

Cool factor

A large number of organizations have gone on to abandon email and made a switch to SMS. You can inform your customers that you are keeping in line with the latest of technology by sending out text messages. In the list of shoppers, it will give your company a head start. This could be a great strategy for small business houses that are looking to make it big globally

Unlimited marketing potential

Are you aware of the number of mobile phones in the market? The number might be hard to believe. Since each one of us relies on mobile phones to communicate the market potential is unlimited. They are a gold mine and present numerous business opportunities.

Flexible platform

Either you can go on to send out messages to a specific list or a targeted audience as per your needs. With an SMS message, you can customize your message as per the needs of the customers.

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