So I’ve Got Webhosting, Now What?

You’ve done your research – you found websites that have features you like. You’ve outlined what you want to see on your own website, and you’ve researched your web hosting options and made that selection. Now what should you do?

Domain Name

Do you have a domain name? You can actually purchase a domain name before you ever start shopping for a web host. Or, you can wait and do it afterward. It doesn’t really matter. There are sites on the internet that can provide you with lists of available domain names. Be prepared – the more concise ones with “.com” or “.org” will be more expensive. You purchase your domain name based on your desires. If it is a personal site, you can select your name as a domain, and probably not have much competition. However, if you’re looking for “roofers in” it’s probably already taken, and similarities will be very expensive. You can look for domain name auctions, where you can buy up abandoned or unused domain names, too.

Setup Time

Once you have selected your web host, you should be set up pretty quickly. If you have signed up during the work week, you could have your setup completed within 12 hours. If it is a weekend, it may take up to a full day to get the setup complete. It kind of depends on the fraud checks that some web hosts will run, to make sure no one has stolen your credit card.

Hosting And Domain Names

If you selected your domain name from your web host, you’re probably already good to go. However, if you bought your domain name/s elsewhere and then hired a web host, you may have to manually update your DNS, or Domain Name Server. Your webhost should be able to give you step by step instructions for that.


Once you have gotten your site started with the host, be sure to check your email accounts. You should receive “welcome” emails. If they’re not in your inbox, check your spam folders. There will be valuable information contained in the emails, and you need to remove the sender from your spam list.


Hopefully, your web host has a good support network. That’s good, because now you’re going to start actually building your website. Select a template from the host’s inventory that will provide a layout as close as possible to the ones you have admired. The step by step instructions that go along with the template will help you get your site put together, and you may not have to learn code at all!

Word Press

Word Press is pretty much the go-to for most web hosts. In fact, if your web host doesn’t use Word Press, you could encounter problems getting everything loaded. You can include all kinds of features on your site. Just make sure that you don’t overload it with moving, noisy stuff, or it won’t download to your user’s computers quickly enough to make them happy. And, some of your mobile users won’t be able to access your site at all.

Building you own website gives you the control you need to keep customers or fans updated. Your host should have clear instructions, and support for backup.

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