So Much Better Than The Bus

Generally speaking I’m all for public transportation, but sometimes you have to admit that cars are great. Possibly the best part of owning your own car may not be all of the usual suspects that people claim are the best part, like being able to drive yourself anywhere at any time with anyone. One of the best parts of owning your own car actually has nothing to do with transportation, unless your local bus driver is pretty lenient with the rules. Because the best part of owning your car might simply be freedom alone.

But My Mom’s Car Has Tons of Customization!

Your stuff all over the floor does not count as customization. Neither does that stain on the upholstery, or your air freshener on the rear view mirror, or the duct tape you added to hold on the rear bumper after that little fender bender six months ago that you just still haven’t had the chance to take care of at the auto body shop.

Admit it, you’ve always been jealous of that guy with the spinning rims, hydraulics, fuzzy dice and hot chick sitting next to him when the top is down. But even you’re not willing to go quite as far as spinning rims or convertibles (or maybe you just don’t think that you can find a hot girl), there’s still a lot of awesome stuff you can do to show off.

You Too Can Become “That Guy”

Although it’s possible that you don’t want to be that guy with the hydraulics and fins, you probably don’t want to be the guy whose paint job appears to be made out of rust either. Even if you don’t want to go crazy with it, there are still lots of fun things you can do with your car to announce to everyone that you are, in fact, just as cool as hot-chick guy, even if you’re not quite as popular with the ladies as he is.

  • Flames are a classic. Not only does it look totally legit, it makes a great metaphor for you being hot, if you’re not great at metaphors.
  • Lightning bolts are a great alternative to mean something that is hot and fast, for people who are slightly better with metaphors.
  • Even a simple racing stripe can be good – if you’re super boring, that is, considering the alternatives.

And For The More Adventurous…

At the moment, I’m living in Utah, and I have to say, I see a ton of cool paint jobs here. I’ve seen everything from butterflies going across the sides to eyelashes painted above the headlights to skulls and crossbones to dragons.

  • Rainbows seem to be a fun theme. Although I’ve seen cars painted simply in the colors of a rainbow, starting from red in the front all the way to violet in the back, there are also some more literal interpretations of the rainbow theme, such as one blue car that just had a giant rainbow and clouds across the drivers’ side. Despite looking like clip art of a rainbow, it was actually pretty impressive.
  • Air brushed pictures is also pretty popular. There was once one with an engine painted on the hood, although my personal favorite was the one with the driver’s body and seat painted down the driver’s side door. It’s probably weird when the car is empty, but when he’s got the window rolled down his neck(s) lined up pretty perfectly.
  • Animal print, especially jungle cats, have become surprisingly trendy, which seemed strange at first, but if you’re going to take the whole “concrete jungle” thing seriously, I suppose it could make sense. Personally, I’m more fascinated by the really impressive details – seeing cat eyes glowing at you from a car door is always a shock. Plus, stripes and leopard spots will never go out of style.
  • Teeth – especially shark teeth – on the front bumper are gaining traction. To tell you the truth, this is my favorite one, because there’s nothing more hilarious than a huge, pointy set of teeth peeking at you from under the headlights, particularly when there’s also eyes included but nothing else on the car except for plain paint.

Go Ahead and Get Creative

So as you can see, there are lots of fun things you can do to your car. There’s something for everyone. Good luck trying to paint shark teeth and dragons on the city bus however – unless you want to get arrested. It would be pretty awesome, though. You could fit a lot of rainbows on the side of a bus.

By Lilia Otori

Lilia has been interested in cars for nearly a decade and secretly wishes she had a cool car paint job in Utah. She’s also game for painting rainbows on city buses if you are.

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