So Your Rental Home Sucks. Here’s Three Ways To Change That

No one likes to live in a rental. Whether it’s lousy and nosy landlords or draconian lease terms, rentals just have a way of sucking the fun out of moving into a new place. What sucks more is usually the minimal work the landlord has put into the place to make it more habitable. Yes, they have done “some” work, to get higher rent rates, but trust me, it has little to do with your comfort as a tenant. Well, maybe there are some things you can do to get some character and pizzazz into that rental. Here are three helpful tips to help you along.

Color and Art

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Color is life in motion. Colors can take the bleakest looking items and seemingly add a smile to them and suddenly they come alive and exude cheerfulness and life. Well, that is exactly what you need for your new apartment rental. So maybe it has some dull colors and does not look all that. Don’t fret; with a few deft swipes of a paint brush, you could be well off to having an inspired space. But here’s the thing, go for colors that actually inspire you, make your space feel comfortable and do all those other things that colors do to us. Most of all keep it simple and keep in mind the size of the place. Bright colors look better in slightly bigger spaces while neutral colors are great for smaller spaces as it gives the illusion of space and added size. Where you cannot get colors working too well in paint or wallpaper, go for some hanging tapestries or other wall art. These are extra great because they are as flexible and easy to add as anything while at the same time meaning you can bounce with your beautiful art when you leave.

Fix up the Fixtures


So you’ve sorted out the color bit, but your rental could still do with some class. Here’s what you do next, lighting and other fixtures. Lighting is what makes everything come to life. When you take a photo, when movies are being made, even with that romantic sunset dinner, lighting plays a crucial part. So ditch the nasty soulless fluorescents, out the incandescent bulbs and for heaven’s sake, get rid of anything that cannot be dimmed! Now that you have taken out the trash (so to speak), get some lighting inspiration either from magazines or the Internet and get to work adding different lighting effects around the place. Remember, it’s not about how much the lighting fixtures cost but the finesse with which you deal them. Throw in some LED lights in as well to make the house look even more inspired. Getting a great lighting effect will create that sense of class your rental needs.

Depth and Space


If you have moved into a studio apartment, chances are you are puzzled as to what goes where. You will probably end up assigning corners as various “rooms” of your pad but this just leaves a huge yawning dead zone in the middle of the apartment. To figure this out, use either movable screens or semi-permanent partitions to create pockets of space in the house. These don’t have to be terribly fancy or elaborate, just good enough to pass as a decent partition. The great thing about these partitions is that they create depth and space in your pad, making it many “roomed” piece of real estate. How to get these up? You can buy some movable partitions or have a handyman come in and construct the semi-permanent structures for you. Either way, you will have moved into a studio apartment but find yourself suddenly living a “roomed” apartment, and feeling oh so proud bout yourself for it.

So there you have it, three excellent ideas to spruce up your rental, and hopefully stop it from sucking so much.

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Guest post by Scott Ryan, writing on behalf of the Window Exchange Service, a home improvement and patio services provider.

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