So You’re Getting Married

He finally popped the question! You are head over heels in love, and can’t wait to start planning the wedding of your dreams. It’s something you’ve been planning since you were five years old and figured out how to make your bath towel into a wedding veil.

There are a lot of things to start thinking about, a lot of decisions to be made, and a lot of money that is going to be spent. The best thing you can do is plan, plan, plan! Don’t make decisions lightly. Research your options so you get the best service and product for the best price. Be creative and make this the wedding of your dreams. This is something you only want to do once, so proper planning will make it all you have dreamed of!

The Date

One of the first things you will need to do is set a date! Don’t let him get away with “sometime next year” or “we’ll figure it out eventually.” Have an actual date that you can plan for and look forward to.  The rest of the planning can only move so far if there is no solid date.

You may decide that you can’t stand to wait any longer and get married in two months. You may decide to elope to Las Vegas this weekend and throw all of the stressful planning out the window! You may set your date a year from now so that you have time to carefully plan each detail. Whatever you decide will be a decision between you and your fiancée. It will determine a lot of the rest of your planning.

The Dress

Brides usually have very specific plans for their dress. Are you going to wear your grandmother’s vintage dress? Are you going to have your dress custom made? Do you want a long train? Do you want it simple? Do you want to save your dress or is that a waste of space? Will it be all white? Most importantly, what is your budget for the dress?

You may find that what you have always thought you want is different from what you end up with. I thought I wanted a simple dress with little detail. When the shop owner brought out a Cinderella-type dress, I almost didn’t try it on. I knew that I would hate it! Turns out, I loved it! I decided on it right then! Although you know what you want, try a few new things. You may surprise yourself!

The Venue

This is another important decision made between yourself and your fiancée. You may want it in the church you both attend. You may want it in the fancy reception center you see in the wedding magazines. You may want a peaceful ceremony on the beach. The venue will set the tone for your wedding. It will help determine how many guests you can invite. It will be the backdrop to all of your pictures.

When deciding the venue, you must also decide how much of the wedding you want to do yourself. If you choose a reception center, you also have access to all of their services, supplies and equipment. They will usually have catering, florists, tables, chairs, decorations and coordinators to use. This may take some of the stress out of finding these things yourself.

If you have your wedding at the beach, you likely will have two options. You can hire a wedding coordinator who will find your caterer, florist, decorations, etc. If you do not use a wedding coordinator, you will be responsible for finding these services and products separately and making sure they are all booked and ready for your wedding.

The Photographer

Your wedding photos are keepsakes you will have for the rest of your life. First, set a budget for your photography and stick to it. Then spend some time and energy looking for a photographer that fits your style. Do you want more formal or candid photography? Do you want a modern or vintage feel? You can look at portfolios online or in person to get a feel for the style of the photographers you are choosing from. You will need to book your photographer months in advance to get the one you want.

The Guests

This can be tricky. Do you want an intimate wedding or a large, lavish party? Do you want to invite your cousin who isn’t speaking to your aunt’s new husband? What about an old roommate who you just know will cause some sort of scene. This is a frank discussion you will need to have with your fiancée. You both may need to give a little to come to some sort of agreement on the guest list.

The Food

Some people have a full dinner at their wedding reception. Some people have light refreshments. Some people will have wine and refreshments. The type of food you have may largely be determined by your budget. A full seafood dinner for each guest may be too expensive, but some hearty hors’ devours may be just perfect.

There is a lot that goes into planning your wedding. These are just a few things to think about. As you make these decisions, remember to have fun! Don’t let the stress of the small decisions hamper what should be one of the most special days of your life.

By Jamie Bailey

Jamie has a passion for writing and enjoys writing and researching such topics as fashion, beauty and family. She specifically enjoys writing about wedding tent rentals, Utah event planning and event rentals. She enjoys the connection that can be made through the written word.

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