Social Media And Lawyers – Taking Networking To The Next Level

Social media has slowly and steadily taken over the world of online marketing, and legal capacities are no different to this notion as well. Connecting with people and building relationships is the foremost advantage of social media networking, and it can greatly benefit legal associates in their professional dealings. Read on to find out how.

Getting Friendly and Warm

It is a general perception that lawyers have intimidating personalities, but you can easily break free from this norm by maintaining a warm, friendly and approachable profile on the web. Posting personal blogs, participating in discussions and inviting comments and feedbacks from clients and coworkers add to the professional appeal of the lawyer and help them get adequate exposure within the client’s world.

Business Marketing

Business marketing is the main advantage when it comes to social media and lawyers, as these platforms give you a more detailed, visible and focused chance to market your brand, promote your skills and portray your expertise to prospective clients all over the world.

Going Beyond the Usual Demographics

The world has changed drastically since the advent of the technological boom of social media websites. Nearly 97% of the people today go online to search for services and products, thus, being active in a social platform gives you an instant edge in getting noticed. Lawyers that have several referrals and recommendations or a large number of followers on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, are generally more liable to get a positive response and credibility from new clients.

Building a Sound Reputation

Lawyers can effectively use social media platforms to create a personal and relatable reputation of them over the web. Regular interaction with the clients not only help you create sound reputation, but also defend it.

5 Social Media Savvy Tips for Legal Associates and Law Firms

So you now know the importance of social networking and having an active online presence, what’s next?

Follow these valuable tips regarding social media and lawyers to select the right platform and right attitude to market your views effectively.

  • Plan your strategy and goals – what is your basic motivation behind joining a social platform? Do you wish to market and advertise your skills or firm, find out what people are thinking about you or want to strengthen corporate relationships and build new ties? Plan on how you intend to use the platform, what things you need to share and how will you take the initiative forward.
  • Your social media goals should be tied closely to your business goals – i.e. you should market your brand and then gather followers and clients to learn what they want.
  • Select a social media platform that best suits your needs and which you can effectively use. Facebook, MySpace and Twitter are great for marketing, while LinkedIn, and MyParalegalSpace, etc, are great communities for professional networking.
  • Stay regular and set a routine to post and share. Being active is one of the most important aspects of social media marketing so that you are constantly in touch and updated with the market situation.
  • Use the leads you get through the social platforms and use them to interact and build new relationships or redefine your corporate strategy. This is the essence of the relationship between social media and lawyers and helps create a strong networking profile.

Mark is a guest author for Rotsides & Co a Cyprus law firm specialized on sectors like personal injury and family law

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