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Social media is an accessible and affordable platform for marketing campaigns of all types of businesses. Social media engagement refers to stakeholders and customers, who are participants in the business and who share their ideas and opinions related to a respective business. Each stakeholder or customer that participates in the process becomes a part of the marketing campaign, as others read their reviews and comments regarding a specific product or service. This, as a result, makes the engagement process integral for a successful social media marketing plan.

Any comment or review spreads from one customer to another and presumably vibrates as it is assumed to come from a reliable, third-party source and not the company or brand itself.

Some of the popular social media marketing channels are Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp and Foursquare.

Social Media Measurement
Social media measurement or monitoring allows users to get an insight into a brand’s overall visibility in the social media, gauge the effect of campaigns, find out engagement prospects, assess the activity of the competitor and be warned about future crises. It also provides important information about up-and-coming trends and what clients perceive about particular brands, products or topics.

It is obvious that social media is important, but assessing social media ROI could be a challenge. There are many free and low cost tools available that anyone can use for measuring social media activity.

Here’s a list of some widely used media measurement tools:

One of the most popular resources or tools for assessing one’s influence on Twitter is Klout. It finds out your overall influence and produces it in the form of basic graphs and an excellent graphical user interface. The computation of Klout scores is actually quite complicated, though the results are displayed with very basic graphs and diagrams. Through Klout, you can compare your score with other user’s scores.

TwentyFeet is another tool that takes in data from Facebook and Twitter, and displays it in a graphical format. The design is made up of a set of graphs showing data from different time frames, such as last week, last month or last quarter. TwentyFeet’s stats are almost similar to Klout’s.

A fresh addition to the social media stats field is Crowdbooster. On the control panel, you can see one of the most valuable features or traits of the system, Titled Recommendations. Using your live data, Crowdbooster determines the timing of your posts for it to be interactive and most influential with your audience, and suggests the best times for you to tweet.

For a more common data overview, TweetStats is extremely easy to use. This is another tool that gathers information and stats about your tweets through your Twitter handle and represents them graphically. TweetStats also tell you about the different ways through which you can interact on Twitter. Bar graphs show the days and time periods you are active the most, your interaction levels on the platform, along with the interfaces you use the most frequently.

My Web Career
Distinct from the tools that centre on Twitter statistics, this tool evaluates data from Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, Quora and other Internet search results to find out your “Career Score.” This score is calculated on your network size, the power and trustworthiness of your connections and your overall social media presence.

Few other tools available for social media engagement are Hootsuite, TweetReach, Twitalyzer, PeerIndex, Facebook Insights, SocialMention, SocialPointer, SocialBro, FollowerWonk, HowSociable, Seesmic,, TweetDeck, Brand Monitor, Kred, Google Analytics Social Reports, TwitterCounter, and Topsy.

There are several common characteristics in the services these social media measurement tools provide. Therefore, it is important to search for a tool that aligns with one’s business needs and personal preferences. Though not impossible, it is difficult to measure all social media conversation. Due to security settings and other problems, not all social media discussions can be found and reported by these measurement tools.

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