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You have a home. You have lived in it, slept in it, cooked in it, entertained in it, played and worked in it every day for many years. You might have raised children in it, or you may have just moved into a new home. You may be scaling up or scaling down.

Whatever your reasons for decorating or redecorating, chances are you are on a budget, as most people today are. You want a new look, a new theme and lots of new ideas, but you don’t exactly want to splurge a vast amount of cash or credit. There are tons of ideas that won’t cost you your hard-earned wealth. Check out these web resources for great affordable ideas.

Giving New Life to Old Objects
Are you staring at that huge, ungainly, old-fashioned dresser that mother handed down to you several years ago? Lack-luster and aged, it stands against the wall in your foyer, and you look at it as if you had never noticed the thing. Perhaps it needs to go, but you have it crammed with all kinds of little treasures, bits and baubles that you have no other room for. A new one would cost a fortune, so here’s your chance to consider a revival, and maybe you could pull it off. Using techniques and ideas learned from Pinterest boards, you could. At Southern Revivals, a blogspot could show you how. People share the fruit of their labor with others in a creatively organized display revealed through eye-catching images and resources pinned on Pinterest boards.

Reusing and restyling vintage furniture can be not just money saving, but it can also be very rewarding. A piece may have memories associated with it, or it may be just the right thing for the spot it occupies. It also makes environmental sense.

Freshen Up Your Bathroom
Are you tired of your plain, old, dull bathroom that you have stepped in and out of thousands of times? Grab your mouse and get fresh, novel ideas from the cutely named Hammers and High Heels. A small stretch of imagination can work wonders, and a mini makeover with a few small, inexpensive items is likely to turn that drab water closet into a mini work of art.

Cook Up New Kitchen Designs
Many folks are spending more time cooking at home and learning to love it. Pinterest boards offer unbelievably affordable ways of bringing new textures, storage solutions, decorating ideas, tips and tricks to enhance the existing features of your kitchen to make your culinary world a whole new daily experience. Forever Home Ideas for example, contains a host of imaginative and practical ideas on redesigning your kitchen.

Cheap decor doesn’t have to look cheap. Using inexpensive items creatively is the key to spending less and achieving more. Pinterest brings you pictures and DIY know-how from across the web. From simple changing of lampshades, doorknobs or faucets to complete makeovers that reflect your individuality, Pinterest boards take affordable refashioning, repurposing or decorating to a new level that is personally fulfilling, rewarding and fun.

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