Social Networks For President!

A campaign first: for the first time in US history social networks are officially involved in the presidential campaigns. If it’s hardly a surprise this is a first, it is striking to consider that only 4 years ago Facebook and Twitter were not in the picture for the promotional campaign. It tells us something about the speed at which social networks have evolved in such a short time.

Even more striking are the social numbers in each of the two main candidates’ camps, and for a variety of reasons.

  • Facebook: on the eve of election day incumbent President Barack Obama has 31.781.956 likes vs Mitt Romney’s 11.909.373, nearly three times as much. How much will this huge difference impact the result? Clearly the numbers for Obama, with a four year term on his back, were bound to be greater than Romney’s but the gap is very large.
  • Twitter: Obama slams Romney on the tweeting front too: 21.735.347 followers vs Romney’s 1.682.118. Has Romney underestimated the importance of social networks? His current tweets too support this conclusion: only 1.336 vs 7.734 by Obama. You will also notice how the Twitter to Facebook users ratio differs by a huge margin: it is only 14% for Romney and as much as 68% for Obama. In other words, for every ten Facebook likes Obama has nearly 7 on Twitter, while Romney has less than 2.
  • On a newer network such as Google + the difference is less marked but it is still in Obama’s favour: he has 2.288.523 pluses vs 1.019.541 for Romney.
  • Last but not least, You Tube. Here the expectation is for a Barack Obama domination, given the amount of time he’s had to create video material. So it’s not surprising that Obama has 257.760 entries vs 28.661 by Romney, with the astonishing number of 262.333.200 viewings!

The picture painted by the social media numbers is clear: Barack Obama, being the incumbent, is clearly favoured when it comes to amassing social network consensus, and his numbers are way ahead of Romney’s. So far ahead, in fact, that we can legitimately think that Romney does not put as much faith in social networks as in more traditional campaign support strategies.

Consistent with Obama’s social media supremacy is also the amount raised by the two candidates’ campaigns as of August 31st, 2012. Obama, who launched his campaign 2 months ahead of Romney in April 2011, raised $ 441.298.993 (source: Wikipedia) while the Republican candidate raised $ 283.572.570. Interestingly enough, both Democratic and Republican candidates in 2008 raised, come election day, much more than the August 31st figure. The difference is that whilst Obama in 2008 outraised McCain by 105%, he’s “only” 55% ahead of Romney this year.

In conclusion: both candidates have been spending less so far but while Obama relies on a much stronger support base from social networks, Romney is far behind him in this respect. Would he have made a more efficient use of resources if he concentrated more on Facebook, Twitter or Google +?

We will know at least part of the answer by tomorrow.

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