Some Top Tips To Boost The Value of Your Home In 2013

Selling a house is a stressful experience, especially in this declining property market. However, homes with high curb appeal and good decor demand higher prices and are sold quickly. With some basic home improvements, you can enhance the attractiveness of your house and get the best price.

The following tips will help to increase your home’s value by making it look more appealing.

Improve Curb Appeal: The exteriors of your home make the first impression of your home. A well maintained outdoor space increases the curb appeal of your home. Keep the garden watered and trimmed so looks properly manicured. Clean drive and sidewalks will help bring greater buyer appeal.

Colour Pleases The Eye: A little colour attracts and pleases the eyes of the potential buyers. A beautiful colour scheme will highlight the best features of your home. Get a fresh coat of paint on the exteriors, interiors and the front door to create a good first impression.

De-clutter and De-personalize: De-clutter your home before putting it on sale. Remove all the stuff from drawers and sell off unwanted furniture so that your home looks clean and clutter free. You also need to de-personalize your house by removing your personal belongings from your house. Pack up those personal photographs and let the buyers imagine their own family in your house.

Finish The Repairs: Nobody wants to buy a house with leaking faucet or broken sink. Before you put your house on sale, finish off all the minor and major repair works, like replacing old light bulbs, fixing leaky faucets and fixing door knobs. Sort out all the plumbing problems and restore all electrical fittings and fixtures. People are looking for the best deals now days and so cutting corners is no longer possible like it was pre-global recession.

Kitchens Sell:  A well-fitted kitchen of reasonable quality will certainly add hugely to the appeal. Kitchen cabinets are the most highlighting element that transforms your old kitchen look. Lighting has a dramatic impact on the looks as well as the function of the kitchen. One of the biggest buying factors for new homes is always the kitchen, so spend some time and effort on this area.

You can paint your kitchen to liveliness to the space. Choose combinations of colours beautifully to enhance the décor of your kitchen. If budget is not a concern, you can also consider replacing kitchen counter-top. You can go for high end granite and marble countertops, or affordable countertops made of laminate and tiles.

Give Makeover To The Windows: Your windows are for more than viewing. Wash and clean your windows and remove the cobwebs. One of the best ways to enhance the interiors of your home is by installing window coverings to your windows. Beautiful window coverings can be a fantastic decorating medium as they add warm and inviting touch to the space.

Upgrade Your Bathroom: Replace the ordinary, leaky faucets with stylish high end fixtures. With right selection of colours, designs and fixtures, you can transform your ordinary looking bathroom into a modern yet useful space.

The above mentioned home improvements can be either done by yourself, or you can hire a home builder. Either way it is very important that some or all of the above points are addressed if you are looking to not only get the house sold but to help get the very best price as well.

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