Speaktoit Assistant Reviewed

It seems that one of the biggest trends for mobile devices today is voice-controlled virtual assistants. Not something terribly new, these have shot up in popularity since the iPhone 4S came out with Siri; suddenly apps that do similar functions, like Speaktoit Assistant, for Android are growing in popularity. This virtual assistant is just one of many for your Android, and it can open apps, set appointments, answer questions, and carry out additional functions much like competing apps. With all this competition and so man competing devices, you may be wondering if this is the assistant for you. This review should help you to sort it all out.


The Speaktoit Assistant for Android has quite the resemblance to Apple’s Siri, the voice-powered assistant that comes along with the new iPhone 4S. A virtual assistant app, it is designed to respond to voice commands and perform relatively simple tasks like web searches. The Speaktoit Assistant can also create events on the calendar, give directions, create emails, compose text messages, find contacts, launch apps and even more.


This Android app is powered by voice transcription services by Google that help it to understand the spoken commands it receives. Speaktoit allows you to choose one of several somewhat natural sounding iSpeak voices with which you would want to interact with. It should be noted that many of the iSpeak voices are quite pleasant, and they are an improvement over the stiff and robotic Google text-to-speech voices I expected to hear. Additionally, like Siri, it seems that Speaktoit is a bit sassy; some of the responses can be a bit humorous or snarky. You can also create a custom avatar for your virtual assistant. While the avatar isn’t functional, it is fun, and it gives more personality to the app. Many may also enjoy having a face on the screen to go along with the app’s voice.


Once of the highlights of the Speaktoit Assistant for Android is that it is very easy to use. To work this app, a user needs to press an onscreen microphone button and simply tell the application what it is you would like it to find out or do. There are some limitations to what this app can do, and there are occasionally some snags when working with Speaktoit. There are many times when you may find you have to repeat commands over and over, and in other instances you may just give up and type them in when Speaktoit just won’t understand. Some features that other virtual assistants have, this one lacks. Speaktoit Assistant cannot, for example, read text message or emails aloud.


Even though there are some disappointments with this app, Speaktoit Assistant for Android still is a great, versatile voice-powered application. Well –integrated with many other Android apps, this is probably the one of the closest applications to Siri that you can get for your Android. Not a completely hands-free solution, you probably will enjoy this application and what it has to offer

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