Sporty Ladies Watches – The Best Brands

Ladies watches were once delicate timepieces designed to look good with the latest fashion in evening dress and compliment other designer accessories. However these trends have changed significantly over the years and now ladies watches are available for all sorts of activities and not just for a night out.

With ladies sport becoming ever more popular so has the introduction of ladies watches for use in sports and now sporty women’s watches are just as fashionable as any other style of ladies timepiece. Many of today’s top sports designers have got in on the act and companies such as Adidas, Converse and Speedo are just a few of the manufacturers that were previously better known for their sports equipment that are now making ladies watches.

Adidas produces quite a few ladies watches and they are perfect for sport. Fashionable designs add a lot of color and are generally slender and round in shape. Many have stopwatches included that have lap memory to help anybody who is timing their circuits. These watches often have a UV resistant coating that keeps the color of the watch true to its original state. They are usually waterproof as well so if you are thinking of swimming or surfing then these are the perfect choice.

Probably best known to skaters and basketball enthusiasts Converse also produce some really funky and sporty ladies watches. These watches are elegant and colorful with sweeping curves and are really fun to wear and be seen in. Again water resistance adds to the features although it is not recommended that you actually take them into the water; they are fine for splashes. If you fancy wearing something a little bit out of the ordinary on your wrist then these ladies watches are spot on as they still haven’t become over popular and will keep you in the trend setting ways you have become accustomed to.

Speedo is best known for swimming gear and their ladies watches follow in this direction. Lightweight and stylish these watches have features that help you when you are in the water. Oversized buttons that can be easily used under water and streamline patterns make these watches a great choice whether you are training for the big race or are just splashing around in the pool with friends. Speedo ladies watches have many unique features, by simply touching anywhere on the top of the case you can time your lap and the straps use a pin-less buckle.

Casio have been around for a long time and make just about every type of ladies watch including their incredibly popular Baby G range. These are smaller and more feminine models of the equally popular G-shock watches that Casio have become famous for producing. The full size models are used by some of the most adventurous people in the world and the smaller Baby G range is in no way inferior. The robust and strong design of these ladies watches is well known and the many features that come along with the Casio name make these a sensible choice for all sportswomen.

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