Spotting Celebrities In USA: Where To Go

For anyone who wants to spot celebrities, there is no better place to do it than the United States. The US has a celebrity culture that leads to one of the largest populations of celebrities on the planet. There are some areas of the county that are just teeming with celebrities. Follow this guide to find the best places in the US to spot celebrities.

New York City

The biggest city in the country is also its cultural heart. The Big Apple has been the leading place to spot celebrities in the US for more than a century. There are many spots tourists can go if they want a chance to get their picture taken with a celebrity.

One of the best places to spot celebrities in New York City is the shopping district on 5th Avenue. Most celebs love to shop, and they are not shy about getting out to enjoy some of the best shopping on Earth while they are in New York. Barney’s is definitely one of the best stores on 5th Avenue for visitors to catch a glimpse of a celebrity.

The upscale hotels are another good place in New York City to spot celebrities. Some of the most popular hotels for celebs when they are staying in NYC include The Plaza Hotel, W New York, Hotel Gansevoort and Hotel Chelsea.

Celebrities love to enjoy the gourmet food that abounds in the city. Try finding them at some of their favorites restaurants that include Nobu, Le Bernardin, Pearl Oyster Bar, Daniel, Bouley and Club A Steakhouse.

Of course, their are always lots of big stars in the theater district as well. They can be found attending both Broadway and Off-Broadway shows. Tourists simply need to walk around the theater district for a little while, and they will be bound to run into someone famous.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the best place in the universe to see a movie star in the flesh. The home of Hollywood has so many celebrities walking around its streets that it is hard not to see at least one during a visit.

There are many high-end restaurants that celebrities frequent. Some of the best to see them are Toast, The Ivy, Joan’s on 3rd and The Bazaar. Just don’t bother them while they are eating. This is considered very rude and is the best way to see a celebrity get angry.

Being a big Hollywood celebrity means sending a lot of money. There are three shopping districts where tourists have a great chance of spotting a celebrity in Los Angeles. The oldest is Rodeo Drive. There are also many popular stores on Robertson Boulevard. The hottest shopping area with young celebs is The Grove.

It is no secret that many people get into the movies because they love them. The best movie theater to see a movie star off the screen is Arclight Hollywood. It is a high-end cinema that many of the biggest stars in the industry see all their movies at.

Written by Sasha O’Shea

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