Spring Cleaning Paving Stones: Tips from A Leading Landscaper

Although paving stones are highly strong and durable, it is still important that you clean and inspects them periodically to ensure that they can stay are as fantastic as possible. Spring presents a great time to pay attention to your garden paving.

When warmer temperatures arrive it is time to prepare your garden for spring, and luckily, for you today we are here to provide some amazing tips for spring-cleaning paving slabs, as provided to us by a leading landscape service company. Here goes…

Brush off loose dirt – Take a look at your paving stones, you might notice that they are covered in branches and leaves that have been blown around the wind. You should use a brush to get rid of any debris laying on your paving slabs, ensuring they are free from losing dirt and other contaminations.

Rinse your slabs – Once you have got rid of anything that should not be on your slabs it is time for you to get your garden hose and spray down your paving flags, getting rid of any remaining dirt that may still be apparent. If you have moss on any of your flags you may find that they require more pressure and at this stage, you could consider using a power washer.

Remove stains – Paving flags can sometimes get stained as a result of fallen leaves, blown dirt, and debris but do not worry, you should be easily able to remove these stains. You should be able to eliminate the bulk of stains using a simple water and detergent solution

Remove oil – After removing stains using water and detergent solutions you might notice that some oil stains are still apparent. Do not worry however, this should be easy – You simply need to buy an oil remover product, which is available to purchase at more garages.

Inspect carefully – After cleaning your pavers, spraying them down and removing stains you should take time to inspect every one of your paving flags, looking for damaged flags that are perhaps chipped or cracked. If any of your paving slabs are damaged you should replace them straight away, which is really easy to do.

Apply sealer – To extend the life of your paving flags you should then apply a paving sealing product to your flags – This will present grass from growing in between your flags and allow them to last as long a possible going forward.


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