Spy Equipment That Is No Longer Only In Your Dreams

Don’t have a camera when you need one?
How often have you been out with friends and loved ones and you have seen some criminal offense or perhaps a scenario in which you could have done with the evidence on video to help the innocent individuals but you haven’t even got your mobile with you. How cool would it be to pull out a spy camera and start taking shots of the bad guys?

Ill during an important business meeting
In another situation. You’re abroad in an extremely important company business meeting with customers worth multiple billion dollars and you are feeling very ill. You have been struggling with food poisoning and jet lag and you are finding it very difficult to focus on anything or even carry out the simplest of tasks. To get out of there and have some rest and go back again the next day when you are well – seems like a dream. But what if you could discreetly video the meeting and go back over the whole demonstration when you’re sensations were much better at a later date. You could catch up with all that went on and if you made a hash of it you could find a way to make amends.

Is my partner cheating?
You feel your spouse is cheating but you don’t want to waste money on a private detective so you choose to do-it-yourself and catch every detail on video this is possible to do on a hidden camera or CCTV.

Yes this is real
Right now these stories are all about real life situations. You cannot slip about with a portable Digital recording device or even mp3 recorders without looking only a little bit dubious. However let’s say you’d a genuine pen which writes with real ink and sits nicely inside your top pocket but it has a built-in all-in-one Digital recording device and a good increased microphone that holds as much as A couple of hours of top quality video clips

And in the event that was not incredible enough, let’s say you can connect this particular pen in to any kind of computer systems and no matter what the operating-system or the PC, This particular pen will instantly adjust to the actual operating-system being used and obtain all of the video footage in moments.

This equipment is real. All you need to do is to search on line and you will come across many items that you thought only belong in your dreams. The prices are good too and the equipment is easy to use. All you need now is the situation in which to use it. .

For many years spy equipment and gadgets have been featured in the movies and on television. I remember as a child one such program called Tomorrows World which featured gadgets and gismos that seemed to be from the future. Some of those devices are in use today and now seem very ordinary indeed. The James Bond secret devices are fantastic like remote control car and a highly magnetic watch – why wouldn’t they work?

As the author Charlie Hodgson is a very experienced  private Investigator he has trained many  investigators some of whom work for Private Detectives and continues to research his material throughout and writing blogs for http://www.birmingham-privatedetectives.co.uk/

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