Stake Your Claim In A Piece Of Island Euphoria

Owning your own piece of property on a pristine, remote island somewhere in the sun-drenched Seychelles probably sounds like an impossible dream to most people. Yet, this seemingly unreachable star may be closer than you think and a quest worth pursuing!

Few places on earth can compare with the beauty of the Seychelles and its enchanting combination of coral and granite islands and atolls where trophy fish species and other exquisite creatures abound in edenic natural surroundings. Imagine relaxing in a hangmat, exotic cocktail in hand, watching through a bough of palm leaves how the waves gently lap against a white sandy shore? Or toasting a blood red sun dipping into the ocean from your own private verandah?

Quite a number of luxury villas and seaside retreats are up for grabs in this breathtaking and unblemished part of the world where nature still rules and sets the pace. Most beach villas on the Seychellian property market boast the best of both worlds – lavish luxury and comfort in the bosom of unsurpassable island beauty and bounty!

Investing in a piece of prime property on one of the 60 inhabited islands in the Seychelles is probably the safest and nicest way to keep family and friends happily together for a lifetime while watching how the value of your real estate grows. Who can resist the laid-back island lifestyle and serenity of a sanctuary where road rage means racing your friends to the beach on foot or by bike and traffic jams mean stopping for a giant tortoise or two along the way? The balmy weather where temperatures linger lazily between 22ºC and 32ºC allows one the luxury of minimum clothing and maximum time spend in and around the translucent, turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

The 115 islands that form the Seychelles are famous for their healthy climate and malaria-free status. It is a paradise for young and old, families and lovers, who want that exquisite combination of wild, untouched nature and sophisticated modern splendour.

Today, 40% of the total land mass of the Seychelles is formally protected and conserved. The country’s low volume tourism policy ensures that overcrowding is never a problem, which makes the property market even more attractive. Here one can idle the days away in the privacy of your own island resort and indulge in the exotic flavours of Indian Ocean Cuisine.

One of these heavenly places where you can buy your own piece of paradise is Desroches, a private island in the Amirante Archipelago and considered to be one of the most pristine islands in the Seychelles. The naturally inspired, modern Beach Retreats and Exclusive Villas on sale here offer some of the best prices per square metre in the Seychelles and are the epitome of luxurious island indulgence. The nearby Desroches Atoll has some of the greatest offshore angling that the Seychelles waters have to offer. The diversity and abundance of fish life make this a word-renowned fishing destination.

To find out how and where you can become the proud owner of a luxurious island retreat in a magic place that you always fantasized about, consult the Seychellian real estate listings. . . . and be the king of a kingdom where nature still reigns supreme.

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