Staying Motivated To Stay Fit

Avoiding the Fizzle

I admit that I am one who gets extremely excited to start a new exercise routine, but usually gets burned out after only a short couple of weeks.  The only reason I stay in shape is because I am constantly looking for a new way to work out so I don’t get too bored and just quit.  I guess you can say that over the years I have made searching for exercise programs somewhat of a hobby.

I know that not everyone enjoys looking for a new routine, and usually for normal people, it is easier to stick to a routine once it becomes exactly what it is titled; routine.  So why do so many people start exercising and eventually fizzle and die after a short while?  Hopefully you will find some answers to those questions as you read on.

Poor Scheduling

Anyone can admit that we all live extremely busy lives.  Just when we think we have somewhat of a grasp on things, a wrench gets thrown into the plans and wreaks havoc on your day.  For that reason, most people don’t make exercise a part of their lives.  Some cram a workout session in at the end of the day when you are too exhausted to follow through, while others try to fit one in before going to work, but tend to pay more attention to the snooze button than the stopwatch.

To avoid making this mistake, plan your day far ahead.  Most workouts come with a calendar to follow that tracks progress, workouts, and expectations.  Why do they do that?  They do it to make working out an important priority in your life.  Take their advice and make working out a priority in your life.  You will follow through on a more consistent basis and see results quicker.

Too Much Too Soon

Because of the excitement that accompanies a new workout program, most people burn out in a very literal sense of the word.  They push their bodies too hard at the beginning, causing far too much pain to continue with the week’s remaining exercises.

If you don’t believe me, just picture that one person at work that excitedly made claims that they would begin their workout immediately.  Most often, their claims are met with difficulty climbing stairs due to excessive soreness.  Honestly, it really does make sense to quit since our bodies naturally avoid things that cause us pain.

To avoid this pitfall, keep your workouts within reason.  Everyone knows that you ran track, or played football in high school, but for most of us trying to get back into shape, your glory days are far gone.  Remember that it took years to get you into the shape you’re in, and it will definitely take more than a couple weeks’ worth of agonizing workouts to get you where you want to be.

Pluralize Goals

Whenever I start a new workout, I look at the guy on the cover and think to myself, “I am going to look like that guy in just 90 days!”  Most often, that is a lofty goal that I find myself to never meet.  Which is (aside from ADD) probably part of the reason I skip from one routine to the next.

What I have found to work I have to drag from days before children, career, and honey-do lists.  Long ago, I had a goal of bench pressing 400 pounds.  I knew that it was a crap load of weight, and that it would take more than just a couple of chest workouts to get there.

When I began my journey to achieve that weight, I kept the final goal in my mind.  However along the way, I set smaller goals that I knew would get me to my final destination.  I told myself that I would have to bench press 315 pounds at least 5 times before I could try to get to 400, so I worked toward that.

Eventually, I arrived at my goal and was actually pretty surprised when I got there.  Because of the smaller goals that I had met, my final goal came within reach and when it finally arrived, it didn’t seem so improbable.  Setting your goals up in steps will, chances are, help you achieve your final goal as it did me.

Do It for You

Quite honestly, if you follow all of the steps that have helped me in my healthy endeavors, you’ll probably succeed.  But, if you don’t do it for the sake of you, the victory won’t seem quite as sweet.

Setting goals and achieving them is so much more rewarding when you do it for yourself.  You are your very worst critic, and once you satisfy your own critique, you’ll find happiness in what you achieve.

Bart Vale writes for companies who are intent on helping people achieve their fitness goals like Inspire Fit Resorts.  He hopes readers find his experiences to be helpful and entertaining as they strive to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

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