Steps To Fix A Car Tyre Puncture

It’s extremely easy to puncture a tyre and it can cause a lot of unnecessary hassle. Even if you drive over a single nail you might land with a punctured tyre. Driving in that condition can harm the vehicle rims and it puts you in grave danger of getting into an accident.

As such, all drivers should be armed with the basic knowledge of how to fix a car tyre puncture. In case something happens and there’s no garage nearby, you need to be able to fix the puncture yourself.

Steps To Fix A Car Tyre Puncture

You might be under the impression that you’ll need specific instruments to fix the tyre. However, that’s just not true. Your car comes equipped with everything you could possibly need. Below are a few short steps that can help you fix a car tyre puncture.

  1. As soon as you realise that your tyre is punctured, slowly pull up at the side of the road. Turn on your warning lights so people behind you know you’re stopping and that something is wrong.
  2. Find an area with flat and solid ground to stop at. You’ll have to jack up your car so make sure you’ve got the handbrakes on so the car doesn’t start rolling back.
  3. Reach into the boot of your car and pull out everything you need. This will include a wheel spanner, a jack, a jack handle, a spare wheel, and a safety triangle that can warn all oncoming traffic.
  4. Remove the driver’s side floor mat so you don’t get yourself filthy. Next, start loosening the wheel nuts, but not too much.
  5. Place the jack under the lift point. To find out where the lift point is, you’ll have to refer to the owner’s manual.
  6. Now you need to jack up the vehicle till there’s a two-inch space between the ground and the punctured tyre. You need to maintain that gap because the spare wheel will be higher than the punctured one.
  7. Loosen the wheel nuts completely and keep them together, safely. They tend to roll away, so be careful about them.
  8. Extract the punctured tyre and replace it with the new one. Place the wheel nuts back in place and screw them on. However, don’t screw them on too hard because if the vehicle slips off the jack it will land pretty hard.
  9. Once the wheel nuts are slightly tightened, lower the jack till all the wheels firmly touch the ground.
  10. Tighten all the wheel nuts completely now. Make sure they’re completely secure.
  11. Put away the punctured wheel, along with all the other tools.
  12. Remove the emergency breakdown triangle from the road as well.

With these simple steps, you’re all ready to hit the road again with a new tyre in place! See? Isn’t it simple to replace car tyres? However, no matter how skilled you may be at replacing tyres, accidents can still happen. You may not notice that you have a punctured tyre, or an accident may happen regardless. In those cases, you should make sure that you have the proper car insurance so you don’t have to experience any financial burdens.