STRAC Only Uses The Best Glock Barrels On The Market

STRAC is one of the most popular service offers the best collection of Glock barrels to the customers for plenty of years. All products of STRAC are 100% made by the innovative and excellent designs and performance. The STRAC barrels are made from the stainless steel bar stock then the heat treat and the vacuum tempered for the long service life. The main goal of STRAC is to offer the best quality barrels on the market place. The ability to the experiment with various bore configurations, such as land and groove dimensions, has led us to a pinnacle of the accuracy. They produce rifling in plenty of different twist rates to better suit many different uses of the pistol barrels. Whether you are intend to shoot Steel Challenge or NRA National Matches they have got right barrel for a job

The STRAC Glock Barrels are known for their unsurpassed accuracy and quality. Now you will have this fantastic accuracy without sending you are pistol off to the master pistol smith and waiting for the months. The features of STRAC offered Glock Barrels comes for the features such as

  • Polished feed bore, ramp and supported chamber
  • Fully Machined From the 416R Stainless Steel
  • 1 in 16″ twist conventional broach rifling can accept jacketed, lead, or plated bullets without any fear of the pressure spikes caused by the polygonal rifling
  • Heat treated to the r/c 40 for the maximum service life
  • Critical designing tolerances are held to less than .0005
  • Glass smooth chamber and perfectly concentric with the bore
  • In STRAC offered barrel test fixture routinely obtain ½” at the 25 yard groups
  • Critical lock up contact areas cut to the dimension that offered good lock-up in most guns
  • Compatible with all generation of the Glock pistols

STRAC Only Uses The Best Glock Barrels On The Market

The STRAC barrels are completely machined from the aircraft made stainless steel heat treated and blanks to the R/C 40 for the maximum service life. The critical manufacturing and designing tolerance are help to less than one half thousandth of an inch. To offer you phenomenal accuracy, the extreme care that has been taken to assure that chamber is glass smooth and the perfectly concentric with bore. Due to the variations in the pistol dimensions, installation in some of the pistols may need very minor material removal which are most of the people can simply do themselves.  Fully supported chamber and the conventional, the broached rifling is a compatible with all the bullet materials reducing risk of the dangerous pressure spikes caused by the shooting lead bullets in the polygonal, factory barrels. Of course, the STRAC also offers the KKM Barrels to the customers. The free shipping, cash on delivery, money back guaranteed and seventy percentages offers are available for this place. This will help to purchase the barrels without any kind of the doubts and offers the best shopping experience to the customers or barrels buyers.

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