Sturdy, Smart, Spectacular- Oh That’s My Jeans !!

Purani jeans..aur…is one of the fav songs of youngsters from time immemorial. Ever since its inception denim jeans have always been deeply integrated with our lives. It is has been like the best wardrobe companion ever. You can trust this amazingly stylish four letter word anytime. Today jeans are not just a casual wear it is worn with a sense of occasion & stature. Fashionistas are treating men’s jeans online and denim in general with a lot of reverence, coming up with innovative cuts & designs for this category. From just the denim & jeans evolved so many things which are now made out of this material. Tenacious, flexible, classy & trendy – it is one of the most wanted fabrics by designers all over the world. From bags to jackets to coats to dresses- they have been Omni-present in the fashion industry.

Sturdy, Smart, Spectacular- Oh That’s My Jeans !!

So when you see a guy wearing jeans, what is the first thought? Ok so he must be rustic, casual, easy-going and cool. Well today the perception has changed a lot. People perceive jeans aficionados as uber-cool, classy & smart. Gone are the days when only the ad guy or the creative team would flaunt the jeans to show that they are spunky. CEO’s of many companies are wearing denims & jeans to office. For the bike riders and adventure enthusiasts jeans is a natural choice that will sustain them throughout their rugged journey, protecting them from the cold gusty winds will they venture into the wild.

So when was the last time you washed your jeans? More than 50% of the people would say a fortnight or a week back. Now this is something why our cleanliness freak mothers always curse the person who made jeans! One can wear it as many no. of times unless something drops on it & it becomes dirty. That is why all students would give the best clothes award to jeans!! They can wear it at least ten times before washing. Trendy & smart while also saving all the washing effort- now that calls for a loud applaud for this evergreen bottom wear.

From solid monochrome colours in light & dark blue today jeans is available in forest green, teal, maroon, red and grey. Not only colours, there are patterns & embellishments put to adorn and make it look glitzy. Not to forget the craziness about the torn jeans & faded jeans. They are still a buzz and a leading trend in the fashion industry. However it is offered our love for jeans will never die!

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