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The measure of a chef’s success may be attributed to inherent talent and a stellar and impressive educational background. However, there are other factors that can cause a chef’s career to hit the top or the bottom more than just having taken good classes in good and reputable cooking schools in New Orleans. Raw talent honed to perfection through years of learning and practice is essential to be a great chef. Applying the learned lessons with personal instinct and gut in terms of innovating the recipes and dishes can also factor in making an impressive culinary lineage. In essence, there are several considerations and factors that may contribute to a chef’s great career success.

Years of Experience Being a Chef
Great chefs are not born instantly even with the talent or passion for good food and cooking. The likes of Jamie Oliver, Mario Batali, Wolfgang Puck, Gordon Ramsay and Giada De Laurentis, all have between ten to thirty years of experience up their sleeves. This means great chefs are born out of good cooking school and equally good cooking experience.

Passion for Food and Home-grown Mentoring
As many successful home cooks will attest, sometimes, one does not need a cooking diploma to be successful in the culinary industry. For some, like Rachel Ray, a famous cooking personality with a successful TV show, all it takes is her passion for good food and much of the mentoring she got from a Sicilian grandfather. Early exposure to the kitchen can lead to developing one’s inherent love for the culinary. While good cooking lessons will help hone the talent, having that zest for creating new dishes out of old recipes or experimenting with ingredients and techniques that produce an entirely unique dish, may be all that it takes for a talented cook to succeed minus the certificate or diploma.

Working Your Way Up the Ladder
Success cannot be achieved overnight, in any chosen profession or career. Even the most successful businessman will tell you that they started working from the ground and worked their way up. The same is true for chefs. Most of the successful and popular chefs in the culinary industry worked their way from menial jobs in the kitchen all the way up as a sous chef. As one enriches himself with experience from all the different jobs taken, a great chef will come out of it, leaving a mark in the industry uniquely his own.

How One Can Become a Good Chef
Armed with new found knowledge from some great cooking classes culinary schools offer, there are some ways a new chef can work his way to achieve his aspiration to become a good and great chef. The road to success may not be always straight and smooth, but with the passion that can almost keep you going despite the odds, nothing is impossible.

Get Yourself in a Busy Kitchen
One needs to spend more time in the kitchen either cooking or working. There have been many stories told about great chefs who started out doing odd jobs in the kitchen before they achieved their success. The kitchen offers a lot of learning opportunities that a good chef should seize as they work their way up. It spells a lot of difference gaining confidence with the environment you will be dealing with for your entire professional life. Visiting busy restaurants will give you a better feel of a chef’s life in the real world. Volunteering to work in a busy restaurant with a busy kitchen will give you lessons you can’t learn from any cooking school, and that is, adapting to the pressures at work.

Build Your Connection and Network and Learn From the Masters
This is important if you want to find opportunities that will bring you close to achieving success. Your talent and passion in the culinary arts will have to find its way to knowing the right people to get you noticed. Offer to help or volunteer in events hosted by prominent personalities in the industry. Your talent is bound to be noticed and discovered by someone who frequents such events.

By opening yourself to explore opportunities outside the kitchen of the restaurant or fast food chain you are working for, you are exposing your talent and skills to many people who can taste and try your dish, comment on them, suggest or praise your cooking style and talent and everything else in between. With a plethora of potential “break” for your career, you are positioning yourself to achieving your career goals and aspirations.

It will also help to seek advice from the masters on how to work the opportunities to your advantage, should they present themselves to you. And since they have been through that stage, these masters know too well what to advise you to help push your career to the top. Even without the cooking school mastery, your passion and immense talent can bring forth successful milestones in your culinary career. The key is putting your heart to what you do and doing it in the best way you know how.

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