Successful Tips To A Whiter Smile

Few aspects of a person’s appearance can make as noticeable a difference as a mouth full of gleaming white teeth. Not only can whiter teeth improve the color of your smile, they can also provide you with the confidence needed to excel in your personal and professional lives. Fortunately, you can take a variety of steps to improve the color of your smile. Here are a few helpful tips on how you can make your teeth appear whiter, and undo the damage done by a lifetime of consuming teeth staining foods and drinks.

A Whiter Diet
The first step toward a whiter smile involves eating foods that can help improve your the color of your teeth. Crunchy fruits and vegetables like apples, carrots, celery, and cucumbers, work as natural teeth whiteners when eaten. Biting into these type of foods causes your mouth to create more saliva, which helps to wash away lingering food particles that remain after eating so they cannot stain your teeth. Other foods, such as strawberries, actually contain an active enzyme that works like a natural bleach, while broccoli contains minerals that create a film on teeth that prevents pigments from staining tooth enamel. By adding more of these food types to your diet, you can help to protect and whiten your teeth naturally.

Watch What You Drink
The beverages you drink can make a dramatic difference on the color of your teeth, especially if consumed frequently throughout the day. Coffee, tea, soft drinks, wine, and other dark liquids can create permanent stains on tooth enamel. If you consume a high number of these types of beverages everyday, you might consider cutting back in order to protect the color of your teeth. When you do enjoy these types of beverages, make an effort to rinse your mouth with water after every couple of sips, or try drinking out of a straw so these liquids bypass your front teeth.

Whiten with Makeup
By applying lipsticks colors such as rosy pink, plum, berry, wine, or cherry red, you can make the color of your teeth appear light and bright. The blue or pink-based undertones in these types of colors help to minimize any yellowish tones in your teeth’s appearance. Products that help to provide a fuller appearance by boosting blood flow to your lips, such as mint or cinnamon, can also help to improve the appearance of your smile.

Practice Quality Oral Hygiene
While brushing and flossing daily remain the best way to maintain and improve your oral health, these two habits can also help to brighten your smile. After consuming tooth staining foods and drinks, brushing and flossing helps to remove acids and dyes from the surface of your teeth’s enamel, preventing staining from occurring. Failing to brush regularly also allows plaque, a harmful bacteria that thrives in the mouth, to weaken the health of tooth enamel. The weaker your enamel, the more susceptible it becomes to the effects of tooth staining substances.

Home Whitening Products
The market for home whitening products has never offered more choices for consumers. Whitening kits, gels, strips, toothpastes, and rinses offers you the ability to whiten your teeth in whatever way feels most comfortable. The majority of over-the-counter whitening products contain some type of peroxide, however, which can actually damage your teeth if missed used. So only use a whitening product as directed.

Individuals looking to make dramatic improvement in the color of their smile should consider using whitening kits, which contain trays you fill with a whitening solution prior to placing them over your teeth. Strips work well for individuals in need of minor whitening, but don’t last as long as kits, while whitening toothpaste works well when trying to maintain the brightness of a smile.

Timothy Lemke is a freelance writer. To read more of his work, visit the website of Dr. Derrik Stark, a dentist in Ridgefield, Washington.

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