Suffering From Dire Dandruff? Try out Anti-Dandruff Shampoo From The Man Company

Do you often struggle from the ill-effects of dandruff or dry scalp? At some point in time, around 50 percent of the global population suffers from the dreadful consequences of excessive dry scalp. Dandruff sends an open invitation for everyone to keep staring at you. The moment you experience a constantly itchy scalp and foul smell, it is a warning sign that your condition is worsening further and y0ou serious need a cure like a dandruff shampoo.

Why do we suffer from dandruff? 

Our skin possesses a natural ability to shed off its upper layer and renew it with a new and tender one. Usually, when our body functions well, we fail to notice this shedding process. At times, excessive and prolonged stress or medication regimen might trigger an inflammatory response on your skin. On account of this skin inflammation, cells of your scalp stick together. Now, your shedding process will shed off all those clubbed cells at one go as soon as they turn dry and appear more prominently as visible flakes.

Common causes of dandruff-

Seborrheic dermatitis: Here, people suffer from irritated and oily skin contributing to dandruff characterized either by flaky white or yellow skin patches.

Irregular hair brushing: Regular combing facilitates the usual shedding process of your skin in a healthy state.

Yeast: Yeast sensitive people might suffer from excessive dandruff problems especially in cold seasons.

Dry skin: When cold air combines with the temperature in an overheated room, it gives rise to dry and flaky skin.

Choice of wrong shampoos and other hair conditioning products: Selection of wrong hair care products might trigger an inflammatory response on your scalp and transform it into red, flaky skin.

Hereditary skin conditions: Psoriasis, eczema, and other skin issues are commonly associated with dandruff issues.

Medications: Parkinson’s disease, people suffering from HIV are more prone to dandruff and related conditions.

Irregular eating habits: Zinc, vitamin B and fats are must to stay away from dandruff related issues.

Age: Adolescence to the middle age group is more prone to dandruff conditions.

The best anti-dandruff shampoo at your rescue- 

The Man Company presents one of its most trusted anti-dandruff formulation to maintain the health of your scalp. What makes this shampoo stand unique in the market is its anti-bacterial properties. Apple cider vinegar is a chief source of this anti-bacterial property and an essential ingredient of their shampoo formulation. Besides, your scalp skin undergoes a healing process through a combined action from Moringa, Reetha and Neem extract to maintain an optimum pH on your scalp.

Quick to know facts about apple cider vinegar’s beneficiary effects- 

Apple cider vinegar is a probiotic liquid in its origin. The probiotic nature of this apple cider vinegar contains anti-microbial properties. It is naturally enriched with a broad-spectrum microbicidal property. This microbicidal property helps in lysing the bacterial and fungal cells that feed on dead cells of your scalp.

The healing process of the scalp might trigger its inflammatory response due to which your scalp may lose its consciousness and behave differently. Apple cider vinegar acts an anti-inflammatory agent and helps in soothing your inflammation while your scalp undergoes a dandruff healing process.

It is a good moisturizer and works well in optimizing the pH of your scalp. The fungus grows in moist and damp places. Apple cider vinegar is rich in moisturizing contents which helps your skin to balance its moisture at an optimum state so that fungus stays out.

Apple cider vinegar is rich in enzymes responsible for opening your clogged hair follicles. Once open, hair follicles stimulate their growth using other ingredients of the shampoo and essential oils. In this way, your scalp stays healthy and rejuvenated.

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