Summer Sport has the Best Online Coverage

The summer is a season that many of us hold close to our hearts, whether its for the weather, food, or the abundance of sport that’s played, we can all be sure it is a jam packed season and you can compare all online TV sport deals with Broadband Choices before it all kicks off this summer season of sport.

As the advances in technology continue to improve on a day-to-day basis we are spoilt for choice with our online activities – making the most out of sport couldn’t be easier.

Live TV is something of the past, with easier access to catch-up and on-demand TV, we are able to watch sport anywhere in the world, at anytime and in at our convenience.

This summer, the sporting season kicks off in June, with the women’s world cup cricket, that sees it start on June 24th until 23rd July. It’s a nail-biting event that will see England play to the best of their potential.

As we sail into July we are spoilt with a full host of sporting events, each one more captivating that the other.

July kicks off with the Tour de France, which starts from July 1st – 23rd, and is soon after followed by Wimbledon from the 3rd – 16th. Wimbledon is mostly available through the BBC iPlayer, but specific matches and highlights can be caught on a wide host of online TV platforms.

July is then caught up in the cricket bug, with three other events taking place throughout the month; England vs South Africa takes place between the 6th-10th for the first test match, which is then followed by the second test match between the 14th – 18th and then the third test match which is shown between the 27th – 31st July.

If cricket doesn’t take your fancy, then July continues to impress us all, with its roster of sporting events that take us from football, to athletics, through to golf and rugby.

July sees the USA football gold cup play-out from 7th-26th and the Netherlands Women’s 2017 Euro’s football goes live from the 16th July – 6th August.

The rest of July is divided up with Formula 1, taking place on the 9th, 16th and 30th, the London Anniversary Games, which takes place on the 9th of July, the third test of the rugby union – New Zealand vs The Lions, taking place on the 8th and of course, the swimming and diving event kicks-off in Budapest between July 14th – 30th.

This July also sees coverage of the World paraAthletic championships between the 14th – 23rd, the boxing match between Carl Frampton and Andres Gutierrez on the 29th and the golf Open between the 20th – 23rd of July.

As we fast-forward into August we are treated to even more spectacular sporting events. The Women’s British golf Open kicks-off between the 3rd-6th, the first golfing event to take place this month, but is then joined by the US PGA championship between the 10th – 13th and the Solheim cup, between the 18th – 20th of July.

Golf is swiftly followed by the fourth test cricket match between England and South Africa between the 4th – 8th of July, soon after, England play the West Indies between the 17th – 21st and then again between the 25th – 29th.

As the sporting events continue to roll in throughout August, our online viewing of athletic events thrives. August treats us to nearly a month long experience of athletics, with the World Championships kicking it off on the 4th – 13th, followed by the Special Olympics between the 8th – 11th. Soon after the rugby graces our screens, with the women’s World Cup taking place between the 9th – 26th, followed by the men’s rugby league final airing on the 26th of August.

We’re now partway through August, but it isn’t long until the Premier League reboots itself, and it is due to kick off on the 12th, leaving our online sports viewing plenty of time to catch up with the rest of what the summer has to offer.

As we start heading towards September the cycling (19th Aug – 10th Sep), hockey (19th – 27th), US tennis open (28th Aug – 10th Sep) start to dictate our viewing schedule, but of course not forgetting the boxing fight of the summer – Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor on the 26th August will be the summer highlight for many.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy what online sports TV has to offer.