Surveillance To Find Out Home Address

Target spotted and followed
Firstly we need some information from the client. We need to know if the person still works at the same place as they did when they were together or if they know of any habit they may still carry out or if they visit a loved one on a regular basis. Surveillance is a fantastic service especially if you need to find out the living address of someone. Once we have some information to go on we can start to plan the surveillance session and work out a plan of action.

Address taken and investigated
Once the target is spotted we can follow for as long it takes for them to go to a house and their possible address. It may be that we will need to follow on a few different occasions to make sure they definitely live where they are going. When we have an address we check out to see who is living there. Sometimes the target is listed as living there but sometimes they are not. We look into the other people living there and report back to the client to see if there is anything they think would be of use to the investigation.

Client finds they know the person at the address
We like to find out if the client knows the person at the address as sometimes there is a link that they have not thought of before. Sometimes if there is a link it suddenly becomes obvious to the client. We take as much photographic and video evidence of the target living there to give to the client to jog their memory. It can be quite a shock if the client knows the person at the suspected address as quite often it is not someone that they suspect.

Prove Cohabitation
Cohabitation needs to be proved in many cases for the divorce to be filed. Some people leave the martial home and forget to tell their ex-partner that they have left to be with someone else. People do forget that it is an offence to live with someone else, other than your spouse, as husband or wife.  Some people try to make it look as if they do not have as much money as they do and try and get away with it in court so they don’t have to give as much money in maintenance for the children. We have many cases that are just to prove cohabitation. It normally needs three sessions of surveillance to get enough evidence to prove cohabitation.

Need address to process papers
You need to have the correct address for someone in order to have divorce papers processed by the court. In some cases papers need to be handed to the person before it is classed as having been served. Some think that they can get away with leaving a spouse and the children and that they will get away with all responsibility luckily private detectives are very good at tracking down addresses of missing people.

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