Take 1…And Action

If you’re good at something it’s only natural you’ll want to show the world what you know and there’s no better way of doing this than via a social networking platform. If you’re amazing at football, captain of your football team and coach to your local schools football club you might want to spread the word and get noticed by filming your skills and uploading them to the internet. You can easily create your own channel and add a profile about yourself and what your channel is all about. Once you’ve got that sorted you’re ready to upload more and more video footage. Add a description of each video and include tags so your video is more likely to trend and feature as a favourite. Invite people to subscribe and give them something that will improve their knowledge rather than just showing your skills, for example you could give a tutorial in your back garden or film your football clubs latest match whilst slowing the footage down of each tackle or goal and annotating it as you go. You can include music, speed the footage up and add arrows to help you look more professional.

If football isn’t your thing and you’re more of a singer, make up artist or shopaholic there’s still a place for you. Film a shopping haul of everything you’ve bought that day and guide viewers through each item, remember to include everything you’d want to see from someone else so talk about prices, textures, quality, what items would go with and where you got them from. Get volunteers to film for make up tutorials and use a close up, HD camera to film yourself applying make up and talking about your inspirations behind each look and your views on the products from brushes to powder. If you’re a singer trying to get noticed or you just look belting out tracks for the sake of it then play some background music, wait till everyone’s out of the house and go for it. Don’t think about what you look like on camera, just let your personality shine through and viewers will warm to you.

If you get any negative feedback try to brush it off or use it constructively, not everyone is going to like your videos but your target audience will and that’s what counts. Try not to focus on how many subscribers you get or how many people have viewed or liked your page, it’s more about it being an outlet for something you love to do than looking for attention but there’s no shame in wanting to get noticed and show the world your talent.

James Mystery is a video editor writing on behalf of bristolfilmacademy.com

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