Taking Wedding Photos That Will Stand The Test Of Time

If you have attended a few weddings this year, if you were lucky, they were all unique affairs, and the images you got to look at were telling of the couple all dressed up for their big day. Unfortunately, so many weddings seem to blend into one another, and not truly showcase the uniqueness of the happy couple.

Naturally, it is very difficult to choose everything just right for a wedding. There’s the venue, and the dress, and the flowers, the food, the band, and so on. And of course, there’s the photographer.

In order for them to be able to take the very best images imaginable, you need to give them a lot of material to work with. You need to have a theme that runs through the wedding, like purple, or twenties, or medieval, anything that will make the day special for the two of you and your guests.

Then you need to go about finding the right person for the job. The best wedding photographer will be easy to communicate with, they will share your vision, and be able to capture it magnificently. Here are some tips on taking wedding photos that will truly stand the test of time.

Taking Wedding Photos That Will Stand The Test Of Time

Finding the Right Person for the Job

Before you choose a photographer, make sure you do some proper research. Look into their portfolio, check out their website, their social media pages, and see what kind of images they usually take. Don’t go for someone who has the same images from every wedding. Or for someone who uses Photoshop too much. The best in the business can take a picture that will not need to be retouched at all.

You also need to be able to trust this person, and to feel comfortable around them. After all, they will be there for your wedding, you need to be able to talk to them, and together come up with a plan for capturing the big day. If your wedding is a very serious affair, black tie and formal to the max, don’t choose someone famous for goofy pictures. And vice versa, if you are planning a barbeque wedding, don’t choose someone who takes classic black and white images.

Flirt with the Classic

There are brides who believe modern cannot be classic, and classic is nothing but boring. This is however neither true, nor should you shy away from certain traditions, especially when it comes to the wedding photos. While there are some poses and accessories that might be all the rage at the moment, you don’t want you wedding photos to be just a part of the sea of cookie-cutter snaps on Instagram. Take some classic images in classic settings (especially true of the group pictures) and don’t worry about them being boring. Most importantly, don’t overthink any of it. Have fun, enjoy every bit of the day, and leave the pictures to your photographer. If you have chosen wisely, they will turn out stunning.

Lighting Matters

The right lighting can do a lot for your wedding photos. If you take them during the day, they will look beautiful, as natural light is much more kind than artificial lighting. However, the indoor snaps can also be mesmerizing, as long as you find ways to work with the lighting. Again, leave it up to your photographer, but make sure they see the venue beforehand, and know where to set what up, and what kinds of pictures to take where.

Relax and Smile

Once the big day arrives, make sure you stop focusing on the planning and how everything is going, and just enjoy your day. What you have planned so far will turn out great, and even if something unpredictable occurs, you don’t need to bother about it. Smile, take a deep breath, and dance the night away. Don’t pose too much, and make sure to have some spontaneous photos taken as well.

As the wedding day approaches, and as you finalize all the details, make sure to sit down with your photographer, and iron out all the finishing touches. Make sure you are on the same page as well, and that they know just what kind of vibe you are looking for, and how to make your images eternal.