Tap Into Your Online Presence For Business Leads

Every business that has embraced the internet and its various facets to get more business. By default all businesses have their own website. In most cases, especially in business to business marketing, people would prefer to visit websites of other businesses to find out more about them.

This is slightly different than the consumer market where there is a greater emphasis on using social networks and twitter type messaging services to get business leads. Since businesses are also people who may have a significant personal presence on social networks, there is no reason to suggest why businesses should not use these personal social networks for generate more leads.

Online Face Of Business
Any business can have their presence cemented in the online world by the following channels – Website, blogs, personal social networks – Facebook, Twitter and professional social networks – such as LinkedIn.

Let us begin with the social networks. This the new ‘in’ thing today in marketing. Everybody seems to be hanging out at social networks via their computers, tablets, mobile and even their television. Where the people go, businesses have no choice to follow. A presence in these networks in the form of a Facebook page or a stream of tweets or an official LinkedIn company destination is pretty much mandatory.

These social pages do have sufficient allocation of space to share contact information to those who are interested in buying products and services from the advertising company. Yet, there is a small caveat here. Social networks only allow for a certain degree of modifications. You are still suck with the same blue color on Facebook or the dark blue theme of LinkedIn.

Pull Towards The Site
Just like how you would feel limited with the amount of information that you can share on these social sites, your prospective customers would also find these pages very limiting in telling them about you. That is why, unlike the consumer market, business market customers would prefer to get the full information through your sites. Social networks did play a big role in attracting them towards your company, the final destination will still remain your main company site.

This shows how relevant the business site is, and why websites will always remain necessary no matter how deeply the internet becomes entrenched with the hoopla about the excessive social network traffic. This is where we come to trickiest part. How do we know who visited your site and when? There are a lot of business customers who visit a site but don’t make any enquires.

Putting Your Site To Work
Why did these customers not make any enquiries? The reasons could be many but we could speculate on a few causes. Perhaps, they found your social page interesting but your website itself did not give the information they were looking for. May be, they had difficulty finding the exact information on your site but found it difficult to find. Worst case scenario, the website put them off and they decided that it was not worth making an enquiry.

Whatever is the case, the end day result is that these people visited your site. That implies that they had some level of interest in your company. Unfortunately, they chose not to contact you. Your site stats will probably tell you that you had so many visitors on any given hour, day and week. What if you could find out, who were these sites and what business do they represent?

Enter – CoTracer
That is what is made possible by the revolutionary new product from the folks at CoTracer. You already know that your IT department can help you track all the IP or Internet Protocol addresses of all visitors to your site. This tool CoTracer takes it to the next level by helping you identify which businesses with their names and such information visited your site.

When you think about it, this is the best possible way to generate leads. Any business that came to look up information about your website did not come because they had time to spare. They came because they had a need and they thought that your company would serve their needs.

Using the CoTracer tool, you will be able to find out which company visited you by its name. Once you have the name of these prospects, you can do your usual sales calling procedures. Post implementation of this tool, you will find that your website is no longer a passive tool of online marketing. Rather it becomes a gold mine of leads!

A freelance worker has to find that right balance between marketing services and actually working on the work assigned by his clients. This author relies entirely on CoTracer for lead generation, giving him more time for his assignments.

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