Tax Filing:What You Need To Know

Tax Filing:What You Need to Know

If you have received a paycheck from anywhere in the United States over the last year, you are required to file taxes. Taxes are typically due on the 15th of April every year, and for many people, this date comes much too quickly. Being prepared is a big part of making sure that you don’t pay too much on your taxes, or that you get the most out of your refund. Follow the steps below to ensure that your tax filing process is simple and easy.

Electronic Filing Versus Paper Filing

You can print off the paperwork you need to file your taxes off the IRS website, or you can choose to file electronically through an online service. Most online services will help you to calculate and prepare your taxes for a small fee. When you calculate your taxes yourself, you are more likely to make an error or to miss an exemption or deduction that you are entitled to. Online tax preparation companies will often give you an error message or double check to make sure you aren’t missing something. Pick the option that is most comfortable for you.

Deductions And Exemptions

Once you have chosen the particular way you want to file your taxes, you will need to determine what deductions and exemptions you qualify for. Things such as the child tax credit, student expenses and work expenses can often be written off on your taxes. Throughout the year, make sure you are saving as many receipts as possible to save you as much money as you can.

Calculate Your Income

Some money that you receive is taxable and some is not. Determining how much you need to pay on your taxes is a process of figuring out how much of your income is taxable. Make sure to keep accurate records of every type of income you receive throughout the year in order to simplify this process.

Double Check Your Address

Make sure that you put the right address on your forms, and double check your address with the IRS. Every year the IRS sends out refund checks to families who don’t live at the right address. Much of this money remains unclaimed. If you have money that is due to you from the government, make sure you have the right address on file to ensure that you can get it.

Consider Hiring Help

If your taxes are fairly simple, you may be able to file them on your own. If you have additional forms and deductions to add besides the regular ones, you may choose to hire a tax service or an accountant to help you file. Spending a little extra may save you a large amount in the end.

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