Technology And Educational Toys – Help Children Learn With Fun

The rise of technology in the modern world has affected many aspects of our lifestyle, including how children play. From traditional games and toys, children have started to own their own hand-held computers, smartphones and tablets, which have transformed their play experience. While children may benefit from this modern technology, they may experience less interactive learning with other children because they resort to playing on their own, using their gadgets.

Parents have also started to fail to scrutinise every toy and game that their children are playing with, because of their busy schedules at work and doing household chores. This leads to poor learning at home and playtime because they do not get the most out of their play. It is still essential for parents to spend time evaluating their children’s toys and determining whether these will help them to achieve their potential. Also, parents should take advantage of technology by selecting devices that support learning and development.

Since children learn best through play, it is very important that children have the most appropriate toys to help them develop their skills and potential. Although it is not bad to play games on tablets and computers, it is still best to offer children educational toys to keep them active while playing, instead of being sedentary and lazy on the sofa. When using technology, there are educational apps that can be downloaded, so that children can learn while using their tablets and smartphones.

Educational toys are designed to cater for the specific learning and developmental needs of children according to their age. Giving your child the right educational toys helps them to have fun while developing their abilities at the right time. If you are looking for the best toys for your children, you can visit Magic Cabin for excellent educational toys for all age groups. You can use a Magic Cabin coupon if you want better deals and discounts on toys. Nevertheless, you can visit any toyshop to discover the educational toys that are appropriate for your child.

When choosing an educational toy, remember that toys that depict any form of violence (such as guns and punching bags) are not educational. Selecting violent apps and computer games for your children is also not helpful. Focus on games that will help your child to develop their motor skills, arithmetic, listening skills, reading, phonetics, judgement, imagination and reasoning.

So Which Toys and Technology do You Need?

Educational toys depend on the age of the child. An educational toy for a preschool child may not be suitable for infants and toddlers, so select toys that are appropriate for the age of your child. For instance, toy cars, trains and shovels are best for toddlers because this is when they are learning to walk, and developing their balance and coordination. On the other hand, large, single-coloured toys are best for infants because this is when they need to develop their vision and grasp. Furthermore, more detailed toys, crayons and story books are best for preschool children, who are mastering their fine motor skills.

As far as technology is concerned, you could purchase a tablet rather than a games console because tablets can have educational apps installed. There are certain apps that promote reading, maths, science and art, which keep your child entertained while learning. If you want to focus on sports, there are also digital games that they can play using popular games consoles. Instead of violent games, you can install sports games so your child can stay active inside the house.

The right kind of toys can help your children learn and develop in a fun way; nevertheless, the role of parents during their children’s formative years is still undeniably more important. Spending time with your kids as they play, can help them to grow and develop productively and meaningfully.

About the author: Joyce Brown is a developmental psychologist and mother, who enjoys the company of her own two, precious children. She often shops for children’s toys at Magic Cabin online using her Magic Cabin coupon to get better deals for excellent toys. She blogs at

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