Teddy Cam To Check Up On Child’s Visit To Parent

Child given teddy cam to get to know him
The first thing to do when you buy a teddy cam is to give it to your child so that he or she can start to build up a bond with it. The child needs to be unable to part with the bear for it to have the best effect Once the bond is made the bear will not be allowed to leave the child’s side. The outer bear is fully washable and the camera itself is kept dry inside the bear’s body. These cameras come as other animals and if you were creative enough you could probably make a body of your own.

Child and teddy cam go to visit parent
A teddy cam is the perfect cover for a covert hidden camera. The camera will have audio and visual footage to play back at a later date. This makes it a good tool to have when you are experiencing problems with custody or a parent has certain conditions they need fulfil when looking after your child or children. Clients of ours have used these nanny cameras before to a good effect and have found them to be very reliable at seeing what the child sees through the bear.

Parent breaks a few of the conditions
The teddy cam will record all interactions with the parent and if any conditions have been broken you can see exactly where and when. With this evidence available it will be much easier to sort out any of these breaches. Conditions can be broken for many different reasons and if as parents you are not communicating there could be a valid reason for the condition not being kept. The nanny bear can help to act as a go between to help sort it out.

Client takes bear footage to solicitors to show conditions broken
The evidence that has been recorded by the nanny bear can be used as evidence in court. It will show all the good and the bad about a visit so that the child’s best interests always come first. We have had a lot of success with this type of covert camera and a similar idea could be used for the elderly or the infirm. These bears have also been used by social workers to give them a fly on the wall experience of a particular child’s case.

Can you take out the camera if you don’t need it anymore?
The camera is totally removable from the bear. It is only supposed to be used in the short term to look into some of the problems in children’s lives. Once the child becomes attached to the teddy bear it is difficult to get it off them to change the film or battery and even to wash the bear. We have not had any incidents where by the device has been found and compromised the whole situation. It is not something you would think about giving a child.

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