Ten Tips For Best Self-Application Of Airbrush Makeup

The best way to get a professional look of airbrush makeup is to practice, practice, and practice until you know what you’re doing.  Airbrush equipment requires skill and finesse for applying in clean, sweeping lines to get the flawless skin look and the only way to learn it, is to practice until you’re comfortable with the equipment.

These tips are to help you with that learning process and to act as a guide.  They assume that you’ve done the research and purchased a good airbrush kit (this is not one of those applications where cheaper is better, buy good equipment for best results).

  1. Getting Started.  Cover anything you don’t want makeup on.  The airbrush sprays out a fine mist at a high pressure, which will end up on everything you don’t cover up including your hair, clothes and objects behind and around you.  Consider using cotton balls in the ears and nose if possible to prevent makeup from going into them (you’ll have to breathe from your mouth).
  2. Wash your face.  This might seem like a common sense idea for some but many do apply makeup without washing their face with a mild face wash first.  After washing, use a moisturizer for smoothing out the skin and helping the primer and foundation apply more evenly.
  3. Use clean equipment.  Clean equipment allows for the best equipment performance and smooth applications as well as sanitary makeup practices.
  4. Only use airbrush makeup.  Regular makeup products do not work in airbrush guns.  Airbrush makeup contains silicone, which not only helps the makeup to spray out but also gives you that look and feel of real skin when applied.
  5. Test before applying.  Shake well to ensure pigments and ingredients are well mixed and then test spray on your hand or a tissue before starting on your face to make sure the gun is applying evenly.
  6. Do use primer and foundation.  The primer helps the foundation to apply in smooth even coats over the skin.  The foundation is your base for everything else and gives you the flawless appearance.
  7. Don’t crinkle up.  If you squint hard, smile or contort your face while spraying the makeup, you’ll create lines and wrinkles that can look funny or make you look old.  Avoid any of these moves until the makeup has dried and set.
  8. Apply light coats.  Using a delicate and precise hand, apply the makeup evenly and lightly over your face.  If you still see blemishes, apply a second coat.
  9. Use a sweeping motion.  Hold the airbrush tip about 4 to 6 inches away from the face (close, concentrates the color) and sweep slowly from side to side in short steady strokes to get an even application.  Start at the top of your forehead and apply in a downward manner until you reach the chin.
  10. Avoid blotching.  By using a continuous motion and never ending directly over the skin, you should be able to avoid creating blotches.  When applying, sweep past the skin about an inch (reason for the getting started tip).

Check out sites such as Pinterest for more tips and ideas on how to use your makeup airbrush.  Pinterest users post tips for learning as well as getting creative for applying unique makeup looks with the airbrush including other uses such as for spray tans and body painting.

Don’t find yourself limited to the ordinary, because when you have control of your airbrush, you can be anything but.

Kelly Reed is a professional blogger that enjoys providing consumers with beauty advice. She writes for Luminess Air, a leading airbrush makeup systems manufacturer.

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