Ten Top Tips On How To Mow Your Lawn

Mowing your grass is seen as quite a simple task; however most people fail to do it safely or properly. If you do not mow your lawn properly, then you may find that your grass will not grow properly, or it may even die. To keep your garden lawn looking healthy all year round, you should follow these tips.

Tip One

You should bear in mind that grass has not actually been invented for lawn mowers to run all over it. Grass is a natural wild plant, and in the wild grass is grazed by animals such as sheep. For grass to survive, it has been evolved to grow from the base, rather than the tip. Lawn mowers have been invented to mimic the actions of sheep and cattle.

Tip Two

By mowing grass, you are actually stimulating it to grow stronger from the base. If you leave your grass to grow for long periods of time without mowing it, you may find that it becomes unmanageable and weak.

Tip Three

You should maintain your lawn mower to cut your lawn safely and properly, you can do this by ensuring the blades on your mower are always sharp. If you are unsure how to do this yourself, you can bring it to an engineer who will do the job for you.

Tip Four

If you are experiencing very hot weather, you shouldn’t mow your lawn too short. If you do, then you may find that your grass will start to die. This will be from the soil drying out from the hot weather coming into contact with it.

Tip Five

You should never cut your grass too short as this will stress it out. The shorter you cut your grass, the weaker it is going to be. You will find that weak grass will not be able to cope with weeds and moss invading the space.

Tip Six

A good lawn care tip is leave short grass clippings on top of the lawn during summer; this will protect your lawn and soil from dying out during hot weather. You should not leave too much grass on top of the lawn as this can create a thatch.

Tip Seven

You should never cut the grass when your lawn has been waterlogged, or if it is in frosty conditions.

Tip Eight

You may find that you will have to mow your lawn up to two times a week during good growing conditions. To keep your grass looking healthier for longer, you should use an aftercut mix.

Tip Nine

You should not be afraid to mow your grass in winter, as long as the soil is not waterlogged or frosty, it is ok to go ahead. To be safe you should higher the blades on your mower. Here is some extra advice on how to care for your lawn during winter.

Tip Ten

If weather conditions are very hot and you have not experienced much rainfall recently, you should lightly water your lawn on a regular basis.

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